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Feb 28, 2009 04:17 PM

Tower Foods - like Crab Tower Salad, etc. Looking for new!

I just had a blast making a shrimp salsa tower - see pictures. I loved the flavors - sweet, tart, salty,fresh. I'm looking for other ideas, I really enjoy food that looks great too. I'm trying to keep it healthy so no shephards pie tower (although that would be pretty kewl looking).

This one had mango salsa as a layer, guacomole or avacado chucks as another layer (seasoned), and shrimp (seasoned) as the first layer. I changed the layers, hence the 2 pics.

I'm doing an island inspired dinner soon, this will be my first course - maybe crab though instead of the maine baby shrimp.

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  1. Hey, tower lady! As I mentioned in the Saturday night dinner thread, your creation is impressive. This is what salad madness looks like, should you want to replicate. It's slices of avocado and cucumber, spicy tuna, tempura crunch and mango sauce. My dining companion refers to the crunchy noodle adornment on top as "the fence!"

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      awesome, very nice and yes CT isn't too far - I'm just north of Boston. I'll have to save that restaurants info. Thank you,

    2. There's a book that came out several years ago entitled "Stacks - the Art of Vertical Food" by Deborah Fabricant. The recipes include everything from starters to sweets. Maybe you can check it out at your local library.

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        excellent thank you, I'm going to check it out.

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          This book sounds very interesting, will also look to see if my library has it. What is everyone using for a tower "mould"?

          And what to tamp the ingredients down with when they are inside of the mould?

          When you (collectively) make multiples of a dish, do you do them all at once (with several moulds) or one at a time?

          Do you chill the mould or spray it with nonstick spray or oil it at all to keep the tower from sticking and being pulled apart when unmoulded?

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            I only had one mold but easy with just hubby and I. I bought it at a kitchen store but if you check out that link about the book, she gives some great suggestions about what to use that you might have. I didn't use anything but read that spray with pam might help with certain towers. I just used the spoon from that layer to pat it down (I had three bowls of layers, each with it's own spoon). I'm anxious to play some more, I have done a nice cheese spread with 3 layers, using a neat bowl (herbed goat cheese/cream cheese inbetween pesto (another layer) and sun dried tomato layer. She has a pic on her book of a great triangle tower (with rice maybe).

            1. re: lexpatti

              Thanks Lexpatti, your tower sounds scrumptious and lovely to look at. When I go online looking for the tower mould, what should I call it? (Don't know the "official name" for them.)

              A triangle tower? Would love to see that one! Am hitting the library this week to look for the book. Again, thank you.

        2. Hey, lexpatti! I saw a tower in my local paper today and thought of you. Here's a link--Crab Napoleon with roasted tomatoes and cilantro cream is featured at the Bee & Thistle Inn in Old Lyme, CT:

          And here's a link to the story about the restaurant. I've never been.

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            Wow, I'm saving this info - looks fabulous - girls weekend spa getaway for sure!!! Thank you.