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Feb 28, 2009 04:07 PM

Need Help eating myself to death in 2 days.

I'm heading to N'awlins this thursday and arriving in the evening. Will have all of Friday and Saturday morning to indulge. Need some guidance. Here is what I want to attempt to eat.
1. Po Boy Sandwiches
2. Crayfish
4.Fried Chicken
6. Gumbo
7. Catfish
I'm looking for local places where locals go. I'll be staying at the Wyndam Riverside on Convention Centre Blvd my first night and moving to the W New Orleans on Poydras Street for my second night. Want to cover as much ground as possible as eating is my sole purpose for my N.O. visit. =)

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  1. having eaten my way thru every city I visit, I fell your pang.

    Central Grocery or Napoleon House for Muffalettas
    Mr. B's for Gumbo Ya-Ya or Muriel's for Seafood Gumbo
    Middendorf's or Cafe Atchafalaya for Catfish
    someone posted recently about Yo Mama's (?) across from Pat O'Briens for Crawfish in the Qtr.
    you could sample a lot off your list at Olivier's or Coop's Place or Bon Ton; or Mandina's (take Canal Streetcar)
    Jacques Imo's for Fried Chicken
    Domilisie's, Parkway Bakery or Johnny's for Po Boys

    I hope you've been training for this trip. Happy Grazing!

    1. Near your hotel, cheap and great - Nola Grocery. Fried shrimp are spicy and delicious as are the cajun meat poboys and boudin. Bon Ton has wonderful local dishes but be prepared to pay a bit more than Nola Gro. Cafe Adelaide has a decent gumbo and it's a nice place for lunch. I have not been to Lil Dizzy's in a long time but you can get (or you could when I went) good gumbo and fried chicken. They probably do catfish too but I don't remember having that there. I have not found top notch jambalaya anywhere but at my dad's house. As for crawfish there are places that boil them on certain nights but I can't tell you where they would have them in that area on a regular basis sorry!

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        Po-Boy: Johnny's Po-Boys in the Quarter or Parkway Bakery in Mid City
        Crawfish: King Rogers Seafood 1700 N. Rampart St. in the Marigny
        Muffelettas: Central Grocery in the Quarter
        Fried Chicken: McHardy's Chicken and Fixins 1458 N. Broad Mid City
        Jambalaya: Coop's Place in the Quarter
        Gumbo: Mr. B's, Lil Dizzy's, Dooky Chase all in the Quarter/Treme area
        Catfish: King Rogers Seafood, Cafe Atchafalaya uptown, New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Company in Metairie or Elmwood, Middendorf's if you want to road trip to Manchac.

        1. re: mimadeli

          King Rogers closed, think it was summer or fall.

        2. re: mrsfury

          Finally got to NOLA grocery Fri. after Snooks' second line. As ever, mrsfury, you are spot-on for good and basic eats. I note we also share a special feeling for Stella!; not basic, and great.

          1. re: brucec

            I'm so glad you liked it! I am almost scared to recommend places sometimes but there's nothing bad at Nola Gro.

            1. re: mrsfury

              Thanks so much for all your recommendations. You can expect a full report with pictures on my return.

              1. re: oiboy

                K Paul's is open for lunch (Thur-Fri-Sat). Basically self serve w/ plastic utensils, paper plates. Friday's menu had red beans, fried chicken a shrimp po boy and an excellent chicken andouille gumbo.. Grab a cup or a bowl there or try Mr. B's Ya Ya. Jacques Imos or Willie Mae's for fried chicken. Get a muff at Central Grocery to take home. Johnny's has good poboys and will be closest. Bozo's (21st St. in Metairie) has by far the best oyster poboys. Be sure to have an Abita Amber draught (our terrific local beer).

                1. re: JazzyB

                  since when has Kpaul's been open for lunch, plastic utensils, and paper plates? have i heard correctly? do they serve up the same stuff or is it more casual dishes, and how are the prices?

                  1. re: kevin

                    Not sure how long, possibly 2-3 weeks. You're given a small menu upon arrival, told to sit anywhere (red and white plastic table cloths coordinate well with the plastic cutlery and canned drinks), place your order at the bar, give your name, pick up your food at the kitchen when they shout out your name. Most expensive items are 12.95. Po boys, gumbo, a couple of salads, fried chicken w/ mac n cheese, red beans. A few desserts. Got the impression the menu changes. Oh, and a trash can in the dining room to dump your trash. Nice touch.

                    1. re: JazzyB

                      I was under the impression the luncheon casual thing was a Mardi Gras seasonal opening. Is it STILL open for lunch?

                      1. re: Hungry Celeste

                        It is still open for lunch. I had lunch there on Saturday and was a little underwhelmed. It is just as JazzyB describes. I had the ONLY menu item that didn't feature fried food, shrimp remoulade salad, which was 5 shrimp in a smoky (chipotle?) remoulade over greens with chunks of Feta and diced red and yellow peppers for $10. My friend had a catfish poboy with a side of potato salad. Everything was ok, but it won't make my regular lunch rotation. The menu does seem to change daily, and I am still interested to try the white beans, which weren't on Saturday's menu.

                        1. re: uptownlibrarian

                          did any of you all try the gumbo or the Fried chicken with mac n cheese?

                          that sounds really good, and I've never seen the Fried Chicken on the dinner menu.


                          1. re: kevin

                            I had the chicken/andouille gumbo and it was excellent. Dark and rich. Great flavor. No additons needed. ( quite unusual for my taste). Re: amber, still the best beer available for my keggerator.

                  2. re: JazzyB

                    Abita Amber is better than Bud or Michelob, but it doesn't hold a candle to hundreds of regionally produced beers around the country. There's an underlying cheapness to it-- no body, no finish. I'm no expert, but I suspect this has to do with skimping on quality ingredients. Or maybe it's just trying to appeal to folks who like their beers unassuming.

                    1. re: slave_to_the_passions

                      Yes, I could never seem to find any homegrown, boutique, and all around awesome beers in La. but hopefully there are some microbreweries still popping up around New Orleans.

                      Beer Fest Bar on Bourbon has an extensive selection of beers, but alas if I'm not mistaken all are at least $10 per 20oz plastic to-go cup. A little expensive considering nearly every tchotchke and souvenir shoppe seems to be heralding $1 BEERS, GET YOUR $1 BEERS.


                      1. re: kevin

                        ya; i dont get whats up w/ the $10 price point. i bought one by mistake, never again.

                      2. re: slave_to_the_passions

                        im a big fan of Amber; have lived all over the country and find it my most satisfying local draught when i get off work. i like ambers tho, not IPAs or other varieties w/ more dramatic flavors.

                        1. re: kibbles

                          There's nothing like an ice cold Abita Amber in a beautifully frosted glass at Liuzza's. Annd a po' boy would go real nicely with that.


              2. re: mrsfury

                Where exactly is Nola Grocery?

                1. re: CEfromLA

                  On Andrew Higgins behind Cochon

              3. 1. Po Boy Sandwiches - Parasol or Parkway Bakery
                2. Crayfish - Please don't say crayfish when you are here...lest you get beaten.
                3.Muffalattas - DiMartinos or Franks.
                4.Fried Chicken - Jacques-Imo
                5.Jambalaya - Not sure...I'm usually disappointed because I like mine the best.
                6. Gumbo - Mr. B's gumbo Ya Ya.
                7. Catfish - Joey K's.

                1. You should add to that list Boudin from Cochon Butcher, perfect with a beer!

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                  1. re: cheesegrater

                    And Cochon butcher is not too far from the Wyndham Riverside. Also close by is Rio Mar; always worth a visit.

                    1. re: Hungry Celeste

                      Going to check out Cochon on Sunday afternoon. The menu looks amazing.

                      1. re: oiboy

                        what about cochon butcher in the same wharehouse building?

                        1. re: kevin

                          Cochon Butcher wants $10 for a tuna on sliced bread. I won't be going there anytime soon.

                          1. re: mrsfury

                            i guess it's rural cajun food at uptown prices.