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Feb 28, 2009 03:39 PM

Sunflower Cafe to the 5 Towns

I saw a full page ad in the 5 Towns Jewish Times that a place called Sunflower Cafe is coming soon to the 5 Towns.

Just who are they and where in the 5 Towns will they be openning? Apparently they have a location in Brooklyn.

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  1. Looks like they will be taking over the former Pescado location. There is a sign in the window, and there is some construction going on inside.

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    1. re: absmiller

      I read the menu on their Brooklyn website and was so disappointed. It is the usual fare similar to Central Perk, Mom's, Ruthie's and nearly identical to Coffee Bar's menu- wraps, panini, salads, omelets, etc with an Israeli bent. Nothing too inventive or original. Considering that Coffee Bar's food and service are both lacking, I can only hope that Sunflower will differentiate itself with fresh delicious food and appealing presentation.

      1. re: websterhall1994

        Just looked at the Brooklyn menu too. Way to expensive, I am surprised that they survive in Brooklyn, $2.95 for a bagel with butter! $8.95 for a breakfast special. With todays economy who needs to pay $2.95 for a buttered bagel or $7.95 for a plain omlet. More people should learn to cook. Not too hard to butter a bagel or to make an omlet (price of two egs is 25 cents @ $1.50/doz).

    2. this is an amazing place. the food is superb. we go every christmas, while the kids are in school..the line is out the door. the portions are huge, and tasty. i have never been disappointed. they make their own fresh juice, and have american fare and israeli. we need more places like this where the food is worth the price.

      1. Finally a diner-type place for the five towns!!! This is exactly what was needed, central perk & coffee bar better watch their backs because sunflower is the new hotspot. Salads are huge and fresh and beautifully chopped, guacamole salad is a MUST best guac ever and so fresh. I asked for dressing and which one was recommended and server said 'why don't I just bring you all of them?', One negative - the bread basket - more like a loaf of arnold's in a basket - not very appetizing. I say they get breadsticks or garlic bread or just pass on the bread basket because it did not belong. This seems like the perfect lunch or brunch spot and just what was needed around here. Outdoor seating would be great but it is a bright sunny spot and hope they stick around. Pricewise you get what you pay for - it is tough to make a profit in the kosher restaurant biz when you have to pay certification, mashgiach, etc. how much do you want to pay for a salad in a full service kosher restaurant anyway?

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          I see by their menu that they are charging $2.95 for a buttered bagel, do you know if that includes coffee as well?

          1. re: MartyB

            It's a sit down restaurant with waiter service... what else do you expect? Most people aren't going in there to order a buttered bagel. The places in Brooklyn all charge about the same for a bagel with butter.

            1. re: cheesecake17

              So I gather that this is not really a place for a quick breakfast.

              1. re: MartyB

                Not really... at least the one in Brooklyn isn't. It's more brunch/lunch than breakfast. Last time I was at the Brooklyn location, they had an egg special- I think it was 2 eggs, toast, coffee, and salad.

        2. We went. Eh. I won't be going back. Slow service.