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Feb 28, 2009 03:39 PM

Santa rosa Moderate priced Dinner Choices for NYC visator

Looking for places to eat in the not too pricey catagory for dinner in SR
Non-asian choices. Comfort food, italian etc. also Breakfast spots

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  1. I heard about Bruno's on 4th and Hanks creekside for breakfast
    Any thoughts ????

    1. I think a New Yorker would get a kick out of Zazu, which is a little outside of town, but very Bay Area. A trip up to Healdsburg for breakfast at Bovolo could be a fun option, too.

      Rosso Pizzeria is pretty good, but you're brave if you feed pizza to a New Yorker.

      Bistro 29 is pretty reasonably priced for a nicer dinner and continues to be well-reviewed.

      I haven't been to Bruno's or Hanks, but a friend recommended Bruno's to me.

      1. How moderate is moderate to you in terms of $$$? I like Willi's Wine Bar (up the Old Redwood Highway from downtown SR. Depending on how you order and how big your appetite, it can be pretty moderate for a "nice" restaurant. For less money, you can go down to Kenwood to Cafe Citti for comfort Cal-Ital at a very moderate price ($12-15) for a pasta dish. Great roast chicken as well.

        I am not a huge fan of Hank's Creekside for breakfast, although others rave about it. I prefer Dierk's Parkside for a classic American breakfast (beware it is in a pretty ratty part of town).