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Feb 28, 2009 02:49 PM

Anyone here that doesn't like a food processor

different stokes for different folks. I have 2 in my household. A mini cusinart in addition to a large 14cup monster...

I personally nil to never use them.
If I want to do veggies , I will use the mandoline or grater.
I never liked using it for meats. Really never make meats down to a *paste* but I do at times chop them really fine. And I still prefer hand chopping as I prefer the consistency & control of consistency with hand chopping. Seems more uniform.

Just curious if anyone here is in the same boat ? I seem to see one on every kitchen and for just ain't my cup of tea.

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  1. I use mine for baking: mixing European sourdoughs and pie crusts....and pesto, on occasion. But that's it.

    1. I hate mine. It is unwieldy and too hard to clean. I don't have room on the counter so I have to drag the whole thing out on the rare occasion that I do use it. I used it more when my kids were babies because I liked to make homemade baby food. Now I use it only when I make vichysoisse. I tried to pawn it off on my mom but she refused.

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        Mine is in the front shelf of my cabinet. Just take out and use, simple to clean, I just don't use that often. But it sure comes in handy. I would be lost without it at times.

      2. mine only gets used for hummus & bean dips, pureed roasted vegetables, or when i have tons of ingredients like carrots, onions, cabbage or potatoes that need to be grated or shredded.

        i no longer use it for baking - everything i make now is gluten-free, and the ingredients are too fragile so i always mix by hand.

        1. When my dad sold his vacation condo, his Cuisinart got passed on to me. It has only been taken out of the box a couple of times. The counter space it would require is needed to trim and prep the veggies I would use it for, and any time saved in chopping is more than spent in setting it up and washing the container and blade. I have a Braun immersion blender that is much more versatile and useful, and I use its little cup to fine-chop garlic and sometimes ginger.

          1. Pretty much exactly in your camp. I also have a big one and a small one. I have nothing against them, don't hate them, yet somehow I always use the mandoline and the chef's knife, the Kitchen Aid and the mortar, the chinois and the tamis and even the blender first. I haven't plugged in the Cuisinart for years. I wouldn't say that the machine gets in the way of the cooking - but somehow it does. Even for huge batches of potato latkes, which may be a food processor's highest and best use.

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              It is not published in the recipes, but I'm convinced that the secret ingredient in my Baba's latkes was blood from scraping her fingers on the grater.

              1. re: nosh

                and perhaps they also got a little extra texture from skin & fingernails...?


                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                  Ouch ouch ouch. Isn't grating yours fingers dreadful? At least I'm not vegan! ;-)