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Anyone here that doesn't like a food processor

different stokes for different folks. I have 2 in my household. A mini cusinart in addition to a large 14cup monster...

I personally nil to never use them.
If I want to do veggies , I will use the mandoline or grater.
I never liked using it for meats. Really never make meats down to a *paste* but I do at times chop them really fine. And I still prefer hand chopping as I prefer the consistency & control of consistency with hand chopping. Seems more uniform.

Just curious if anyone here is in the same boat ? I seem to see one on every kitchen and for me...it just ain't my cup of tea.

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  1. I use mine for baking: mixing European sourdoughs and pie crusts....and pesto, on occasion. But that's it.

    1. I hate mine. It is unwieldy and too hard to clean. I don't have room on the counter so I have to drag the whole thing out on the rare occasion that I do use it. I used it more when my kids were babies because I liked to make homemade baby food. Now I use it only when I make vichysoisse. I tried to pawn it off on my mom but she refused.

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        Mine is in the front shelf of my cabinet. Just take out and use, simple to clean, I just don't use that often. But it sure comes in handy. I would be lost without it at times.

      2. mine only gets used for hummus & bean dips, pureed roasted vegetables, or when i have tons of ingredients like carrots, onions, cabbage or potatoes that need to be grated or shredded.

        i no longer use it for baking - everything i make now is gluten-free, and the ingredients are too fragile so i always mix by hand.

        1. When my dad sold his vacation condo, his Cuisinart got passed on to me. It has only been taken out of the box a couple of times. The counter space it would require is needed to trim and prep the veggies I would use it for, and any time saved in chopping is more than spent in setting it up and washing the container and blade. I have a Braun immersion blender that is much more versatile and useful, and I use its little cup to fine-chop garlic and sometimes ginger.

          1. Pretty much exactly in your camp. I also have a big one and a small one. I have nothing against them, don't hate them, yet somehow I always use the mandoline and the chef's knife, the Kitchen Aid and the mortar, the chinois and the tamis and even the blender first. I haven't plugged in the Cuisinart for years. I wouldn't say that the machine gets in the way of the cooking - but somehow it does. Even for huge batches of potato latkes, which may be a food processor's highest and best use.

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              It is not published in the recipes, but I'm convinced that the secret ingredient in my Baba's latkes was blood from scraping her fingers on the grater.

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                and perhaps they also got a little extra texture from skin & fingernails...?


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                  Ouch ouch ouch. Isn't grating yours fingers dreadful? At least I'm not vegan! ;-)

              2. I use mine quite a bit. The small for nuts, herbs, garlic and pestos, and bread crumbs. The large for meat grinding to use in cannelloni and other similar uses. I use the large one for cabbage, carrots and lots of vegetables or when purreing a soup that is hearty too much for an immersion blender. Lots of times.

                Not as much as some people however. But they do get used.

                1. I have never owned one. I am sure I was supposed to register for one when I married, but we registered for charities instead -- both being of an age where if we wanted one finally, we could buy one for ourselves. We have a blender which gets used for hummus, and a manual Smart Chopper for salsa, and a good chef's knife for everything else. I perhaps would use one for pizza dough, if pizza dough weren't $1.69 at Tesco.

                  I don't even own a Kitchen Aid or a hand mixer! I am a complete Luddite in the kitchen. I take enough satisfaction in turning out a dough or batch of cookies by elbow grease that not having the convenience, as well as all the parts to clean, is fine by me.

                  I would be embarrassed to have a cooking club over, though. From what I can gather, the expectation is that grown-ups have a kitchen full of gadgets. I am a minimalist, still. Someday I may decide to change -- just not yet.

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                    For what it is worth ... I grew up with mom not having one, she did have a blender but I made most by hand. I even made my cake mixes with a hand blender. Mom and Grandma both old fashioned cooks so I learned from scratch. I know like the convenience, but at times, I use just the simple way of mixing with my hands. It works just fine or a pasty cutter, depending on what I am making. Nothing wrong with that. I have gadgets, but not nearly as much as some. I think you can cook quality food with little use and simple foods. I wish I had the time too.

                    I have to take shortcuts and premade sometimes just to get things done for me and my son. Coming home after 50 hr week, single mom doesn't leave much time for cooking. But I try, and when I have time I love it. Weekends usually, some weekdays. I love making pot pies which is a favorite and make fresh crust and even fruit pies which I love for desert which are healthy and easy. Again, fresh crust.

                  2. I hardly use mine at all. I have a small family, and generally prefer to chop and slice by hand with a good knife or a mandoline. I use my kitchen aid for dough and the meat grinder attachment does a much better job than a Cuisinart for grinding hamburger. I still keep mine out on the counter, but it gets little use these days, it seems.

                    1. Same here. I gave mine away.

                      1. Never use one.

                        Knife and cutting board is all I need.

                        I'm afraid my mother would disown me if she found me chopping veggies with a food processor.

                        1. Somewhat OT while on the topic of appliances....does a meat shredder appliance exist
                          It's similar to a traditional meat grinder, except it *shred cuts raw* meat.

                          1. I find them useful for doing things like souffles and kugels, particularly when I'm doing them in large quantities. Can I use a grater? Sure, but if I'm making a 9x13 pan of potato kugel (8 large potatoes in the recipe, then), I'd much prefer to toss them into the cuisinart. Same thing goes for cauliflower souffles and kugels (and cauliflower is tough to hand great anyways). But for smaller quatities I just don't see it as that useful, and I probably wouldn't see the larger ones as useful either if I wasn't cooking for 10 or so people roughly every other week.

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                              I love my small one for pesto, ground nuts, small fine grated onion (I hate grating onion by hand), even a dish I made with 30 garlic cloves fine minced. I could of bought a jar but fresh is so much better is you have time, but mashing them NO way, I used my mini chopper. Piece of cake.

                              The large, I needed to shred 6 carrots, jicama, potato, a bunch of other veggies. My big processor saved me big time. Not often I agree, but quite a bit.

                            2. I'm not a fan of them. I had a really old 7 cup that I just traded up for a 14 cup. Now I really hate using it. What a bear to take apart and clean, much worse than my ancient(Before all the safety latches, etc) was, and I didn't like to clean that one that much.

                              So I use this one even less. I use it for pie crust. And for shredding LARGE amounts of cheese(and in a two person household that isn't often). I used to use my old one for pesto but with this new one that I hate I've taken to using my granite mortar and pestle for pesto.

                              Nuts, garlic, etc I either do with a knife or with the mortar and pestle. Large quantities of sliced veggies the benriner can rip through fast enough for my taste and it's a breeze to clean.

                              I'm about ready to give the FP away but I love pie and I haven't not mastered a crust I like by hand as well as the one I make with the FP.

                              1. When it's truly the right tool for the job, it's irreplaceable in my kitchen. But that is a small number of dishes, absolutely.

                                Purees, pastes, dips -- I couldn't get results anywhere near as smooth and homogeneous with any other tool. Fine mincing of large quantities? It's perfect. Most of the time, I use it when a blender is called for, because I find the blender misses chunks much more often than the food processor.

                                I don't use mine for doughs, though. I usually knead by hand, but if I want a machine to do it, I still have a bread maker that kneads automatically, and does a perfect job on the dough setting, since it regulates the heat and humidity at the same time. And as others have said, if I need to grate a lot of cheese, I can't even touch its efficiency by any other method.

                                The real tipping point for me was getting rid of my $30 one and upgrading to the Kitchen Aid model, though. I bought it at a dealer that has reconditioned models and it wasn't very expensive at all (though I can't recall what it cost). It is a heavy beast, and far better quality that the Robo-Coupe a friend has that cost him a couple of car payments. :) It's so much easier and more efficient than the cheapo.

                                1. I have a mini for when I need to chop onions because I'm allergic to them raw and can't handle more than one or two broad cuts. Other than that, I've never felt I needed one.

                                  1. Just out of interest is there anything a good whisk, a mouli-legumes/food mill and a mandoline can't do that a food processor can? What are the jobs a food processor can do that old time 'hand' tools can't do? --What were these tools, and have I have missed any off?

                                    Could a mouli for instance be used to blend things down for a soup-like consistency? THX

                                    1. Four sail cheep. 12 cup KitchenAid food processor with 3 different size bowls, citrus juicer and extra discs. Used twice. That's how long it took me to discover that it took longer to clean the damned thing then it took to just chop the stuff up with a knife.

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                                        billieboy, the key is washing it the SECOND you're done with it. If you get to it while it's still wet, it takes mere seconds. Dip in soapy water and go over with a scrub brush, then to the drainer. Easy as can be.

                                        I'd rather wash my foodpro (always by hand -- fitted clear plastic should never go in the dishwasher, regardless of what the manufacturers say) than use the box grater for ten times as long and THEN chase the chunks out of its bigger grating area. But hey, your mileage may vary! :)

                                        I do use a cheapie Ikea grater/container for the apples on my morning muesli. But that's a small job. You have to do the P&L on the job to choose any tool.

                                      2. I am suprised and a little bit relieved by this thread....I always thought that food processors were almost universally loved by chowhounder types and that I was some sort of freak for disliking them. I do have a tiny little cuisinart food processor that I only ever use for hummus and tapenade, but I can't imagine what else it's good for in my kitchen.

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                                          That little one is also good for making small amount of fresh bread crumbs.

                                        2. I wouldn't have one. Makes egg whites a bit of a bastard, but a bit of elbow grease never hurt anybody. Or is a mixer different? IDK. Give me a sharp knife and a whisk any day.

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                                            I've never heard of whipping egg whites in a food processor. I do like having my food processor. It's useful for slicing lots of onions for French Onion soup, grating cheese for pimento cheese, etc. I also make pesto and mayonnaise in it when I don't feel like making them by hand. There are some things that I prefer to do in the FP, and others in a blender.

                                          2. Me too. Mainly because I hate cleaning but I like prepping, and the food processor with its multiple parts creates a few more items to wash. Now that I have a dishwasher perhaps I wouldn't mind the food processor as much if I felt I could just stick the thing in the dishwasher but I suspect I'd still be doing hand washing.

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                                              I still use mine too often and when I do. I am so thankful I had it. It sure makes life easier when the time comes

                                            2. No food processor in my house (well the mini one that came with the immersion blender) - I gave it away years ago. I like to chop and think the ingredients are more appealing and cook better when uniform. Also, the effort and time to pull the silly thing out, process, scape, and then clean was greater than using my chef's knife or a whisk.

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                                                I have both the large and small Cuisinart. I agree the food processor is not all Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid would have you believe. So while I don't use it that often, I find myself using it for things that I can't imagine doing any other way. I make a mushroom pierogi filling that requires a lot of finely chopped onion and mushrooms - I don't think I would ever make it if I didn't have a food processor. But if I need to chop onions to fry to serve with the pierogi, I would chop them by hand.

                                                1. re: bigos70

                                                  Like me, certain dish with LOTS of chopping I use it for. Most everything else, not much use.