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Feb 28, 2009 02:16 PM

Just visited Lonnie's Fish 'n Chips (Ossining)

We saw Lonnie's Fish 'n Chips in Ossining mentioned first on this board and decided to check it out tonight. Here's a brief overview for those who are interested...

Lonnie's is located at 172 North Highland Ave. in Ossining, just next door to Mavis Tires in a small strip-mall type building with a few other businesses. It's take-out only (no seating) and is open Mon-Thurs 11am-8pm, Fri-Sat 11am-9pm, and Sun 12n-6pm (on a trial basis).

The menu is limited but varied, including multiple sizes and combos of fish and chips, shrimp and chips, and chicken and chips. They also serve a fish sandwich, side salads (coleslaw, macaroni and potato), sodas/tea, and homemade baked goods (chocolate cake, coconut cake, chocolate-peanut butter cake, and more). We ordered a combo of fish, shrimp and chips, along with drinks and a couple slices of homemade cake. We also brought home small containers of tartar sauce, hot sauce and malt vinegar for dipping. Prices range from $6 for a regular order of fish and chips to $14.50 for "the works" which includes fish, shrimp, chicken and chips. There's also a lunch special of fish, shrimp, chicken and chips for $6.50, which is likely a small portion of "the works." From what we could tell, the restaurant appears to be cash only at this point.

All fish and chicken is hand-battered fresh to order and immediately fried in one of Lonnie's gleaming stainless steel fryers. This small take-out shop was impeccable and spotless from top to bottom with not a trace of dirt of mess anywhere, and no fishy or stale oil odor in the air. Once the fish and chips were fried to crisp, golden perfection, Lonnie (the "owner, chef and your server" as he calls himself on his menu) dished the tasty morsels into a traditional cardboard fish tray and wrapped the entire container in white butcher paper to retain the heat and absorb the steam before you take it out the door.

Once home, we dove straight into our food and were blown away by its flavor! Tender, juicy fish (thin fillets -- maybe tilapia or flounder?) and shrimp in a light and crispy, delicately seasoned coating. My husband and I noted that it was a southern-style coating, not the type of batter found in a British fish and chips shop. Regardless, it was flavorful and crispy, keeping the seafood tender and moist. The shrimp was plump and incredibly juicy, and extra great when dipped in the hot sauce. While we didn't have the chicken, we'll certainly try it next time -- with this coating, it's bound to be incredible. Fries are about 1" thick strips -- pretty standard fries but none less tasty. And you can tell that someone put a lot of love into those slices of cake...delicious!

We are so happy to have found Lonnie's and will definitely return. Lonnie is a welcoming man who greeted us with a hello and a smile. He cooks up great, fresh, fast food with well-deserved pride. And we can't wait to return!

If you love light and crispy southern-style fried fish, shrimp and chicken, Lonnie's shouldn't be missed. Check it out the next time you're in the Ossining or Croton area!

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    1. great review! I love Lonnies too. What else is good in the neighborhood

      1. Lonnie's great, as are his family members who work there (he's a postal worker in the daytime, I believe). Good, quality food made with care. Do drop by if you like this style of food - I can't eat fried all that often, but I want to see them stay in business! Enjoy!

        1. An update: Visited Lonnie's again today and the food was just as tasty as our first visit. This time, we tried the shrimp, chicken and chips -- so good! The fries were shoestring style this time, which was fine by us, but the real draw was the main course. The shrimp and chicken were both juicy and flavorful, with a light and crispy, delicately seasoned batter. Outstanding!!!

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          1. re: golightly01

            I went to Lonnie's and got the large fish basket. Jeez, what a lot of food. It had 6, I think, filets and fries for $8. I was stuffed. The fish was excellent but I was a little disappointed with the fries. If you ware going to keep the menu small you could cook your own fries. Is it really that hard? I would definitely suggest them. Next time I go I am going to get the lunch special that has chicken, fish and shrimp for $6.

            1. re: golightly01

              Finally stopped by and got lunch there. I got the shrimp, chicken, and fries. My DW got the fish & chips. Everything was wonderful. A great local addition to the neighborhood.

              Thanks to everyone for the reports!

            2. Just curious is this place still in business and is it still as good as originally posted??

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              1. re: GIOny

                Still in business. Haven't been in 6 months, but was still good then.

                1. re: Nancy C

                  Was there about a week ago. Lonnie still fries excellent fish. The fries could have used a bit more time in the fryer. The portions are huge.

                  1. re: otisman

                    Love Lonnie's! Huge portions and great fish!

                2. re: GIOny

                  the chicken I got were chicken wings. is that all they have or do they have chicken fingers also?