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Feb 28, 2009 01:57 PM

What do you all think about Progress?

I recently bought the book by kaie wellman at by george, (which is a really great tool to finding neat places), and read about progress on San Marcos St. between 5th and 6th. She liked the fresca toronja, fifth street turkey sandwich, bruschetta plate, and gingerbread muffin to name a few. What experiences have you all had at progress?

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  1. It's aight. go if you're looking for a light, casual place to have brunch on weekends while surrounded by hipsters... but it's not really a foodie destination, as far as i know. they have some decent sandwiches, and good coffee. it's mostly a coffee place/hipster haven.

    1. i went a year or so ago and it just wasn't exciting enough for me to make the trek from NW with any regularity.
      it's very very hipstery, and the coffee is good, but the food is nothing revelatory or anything.

      1. I've only had food there once - a breakfast biscuit that was OK, not great - but I go there often for coffee; both their regular drip and their espresso drinks are very good.

        1. I like it. Food is decent but can be a bit pricey. Good place to hang out.