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May 1, 2004 03:41 PM

Village Bakery - chocolate croissant - excellent

  • k

the thread below about croissants got me thinking about one of the best ones that i've tried.

if you take a trip to the village bakery, they make an excellent chocolate croissant. but usu. they run out pretty early.

it's in costa mesa, by the lodge restaurant.
shelly register is the pastry chef.

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  1. Two really great croissants I enjoy are found at La Dijonaisse in Culver City, and Urth Cafe in Beverly Hills.

    I used to like the ones at Peet's Coffee, but they have changed the recipe or supplier.

    1. i love the pain au chocolat at Village Bakery, they have the right amount of chocolate inside, not just a small residue or a big sour block, just enough to be flavoursome but not overburdening.

      ps: the mochas are excellent too! far surpassed the starbucks sludge I was expecting