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Feb 28, 2009 12:50 PM

Migas in the Kansas City area??

Hi everyone!

A dozen or so years ago I wnt to school in Austin, Texas and fell in love with a Mexican egg dish called "Migas." I think it is a form of scrambled eggs, done a special way with particular ingredients and such.

Now I am in the Kansas City area, which is full of incredible restaurants....I have a feeling there is at least one place around here that has migas, but am yet to discover that restaurant!

Any suggestions?

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  1. Okay, I don't know exactly where you can get migas in KC, but since you're not getting any replies I'm going to give it a shot. I know that Poco's on SW Blvd. serves breakfast, though I think it's mostly old Waid's faves. (The building used to be a Waid's diner.) Try calling them between the breakfast and lunch rushes, and not on a Saturday, to ask.

    Surely there are other Mexican resties on SW Blvd. doing breakfast? I'm sorry I don't really know much about Mexican food except in the suburbs, where there is no breakfast. There has got to be somebody making migas, definitely. It just might take some calling around.

    1. Classic Cup serves that dish.

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        Wow, I never noticed, isn't that strange? CC does great breakfasts, and eggs are good quality there.

      2. Try that place on the west side of Metcalf @ 83rd. The name is Casa Paloma I think. I know they serve breakfast.

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          Unfortunately, the new owners don't do as good a job as Lisa and Bernardo Lara did. We've frequently had items with meat be overcooked to the point they're dry and tasteless. This is really disappointing because the quality of the ingredients is otherwise good, they're generous with avocado, etc. and the prices are reasonable. Perhaps they do egg dishes better? I've never really tried them at breakfast, but will give them another go if you can recommend anything in particular? We'd stopped going after the fourth or fifth time in a row our lunch was overcooked.

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            You are so right. I was thinking that as I was typing that reply.

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              Oh, that's too bad! We haven't been back since they left... I just loved Lisa!

              1. re: Katie Nell

                Yeah, she was really nice. I hear they're running a B&B in Mexico now. I bet it's wonderful, as they would just make great hosts!

                1. re: amyzan

                  Ooh, I bet I could talk my hubby into that!

                  ETA: Here's a link to their website:

                  But, when you click on Casa Paloma or Home, it comes up with this message:
                  "Due to the recent danger of travel in rural Mexico, we can no longer endorse such a trip and have therefore decided to close our business. We thank you all for your support over the past 6 years and wish you the best.

                  God Bless,
                  The Lara family "

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                    I wonder what the Laras will do next? If anyone hears they're moving back to KC and starting a restaurant, well, I can hope...

          2. Poco's does serve excellent Mexican breakfast, and I would say it's more of a Mex breakfast place than a traditional "American" breakfast place (although they still have waffles, pancakes, etc. on the menu). They do have chilaquiles, which is similar to migas in that it uses yesterday's leftover tortilas. But no migas. I've never seen them anywhere outside Texas.

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              I know this isn't KC, but Columbia, MO, has a great Mexican restaurant called El Rodeo Taqueria located off Nifong in the south part of town that serves breakfast and has migas on their menu. This is definitely the best Mexican (authentic!) restaurant in Columbia!

            2. i may be wrong but check with Taqueria Mexico - Rainbow and 33rd, (913) 722-9200. we went there for dinner a few weeks ago and i remember there being quite an extensive breakfast menu. my neighbor from austin made us migas once for some reason i think i might have seen it on their menu. i'll have to call them to satisfy my curiosity.