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Feb 28, 2009 12:44 PM

Fishmonger in DC?

Hey all - looking for a good place to pick up fresh fish. Any recs? Any experience with the SW Waterfront fish market?


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  1. Scott at Blacksalt on MacArthur is your man. He is awesome, their prices are pretty reasonable considering the very high quality and freshness of their fish. It's cheaper than Whole Foods, anyway.

    Maine Ave seafood market is really fun, but I wouldn't go there looking for fresh or local. Most of the stuff is just trucked in. It's fun to get a crabcake sandwich and sit on the dock though, or knock back some oysters on the half shell.

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      Maine Avenue is probably the best overall fresh seafood market in the D. C. area excepting Blacksalt. Certainly, the prices are among the best. They also do more business than any other market in our area. Lump local crab meat for $24 a pound. I'll make bouillibasse or some kind of seafood stew an average of once a month. I make the fish fumet using a 2 1/2 to 3 lb. striped bass and rockfish both of which I buy there and have fileted in the cinderblock house on their premises. I may pick over the fish before buying them I've been going to Maine Avenue since my parents first took me in the '50's. The stand that I go to is not the one on the right when you are facing it; rather, it's on the "inside" right (Jessie Taylor's?). They are also more likely to carry fresh shrimp than any of the Asian markets, Wegman's, Whole Foods or Slavin's. Frankly, the only place that I've found to compete with them is the retail market in Jessup. I'll also suggest that several of the people who clean and filet the fish there are more experienced than anywhere else.

    2. I've never had any issues with the waterfront seafood...although I do hear it has a poor reputation. I have yet to experience anything bad.

      Another good spot is M. Slavin & Sons in South Arlington (395 & Glebe)

      1. My absolute favorite is the fish from the Salt River Lobster truck: It is really fresh and very reasonable.

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        1. Anyone have experience with the seafood counter at Eastern Market? I was just "window shopping" there the other day (my first trip to EM since I moved here), and the scallops looked wonderful! Now I'm planning on going back just for the scallops to make for a nice dinner when my fiance visits. But I don't want to go out of the way, and ruin dinner, if they're not as good as they look. What do you think?

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            The only thing I've gotten there so far (I'm also pretty new to DC) was the Prince Edward Island Mussels, and they were very good.

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              I used to work at Eastern Market (Southern Maryland Seafood) and the merchandise we handled was first rate. In fact, it is what I judge every seafood counter by. Now this was quite a few years ago, but it is run by the same family and I would have a hard time believing that it has changed much.