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Feb 28, 2009 12:34 PM

It's Saturday night! What're you doing for dinner?

I found these 5" thick veal shanks at the butcher and I'm making osso buco with kalamata olives and lemon, served with polenta and caesar salad. The next-door neighbors have been smoking something on the grill for hours, the smell is running me crazy! We have
two netflix to watch, and a fabulous bottle of Clos du Bois to drink with dinner. Staying in is pretty cool!

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  1. I'm simmering a big pot of Gulf Coast Whatchagot Fish Chowder on the stove top, and just put a loaf of ciabatta in the oven to bake. The Chowder has clams, crab, catfish, shrimp, diver scallops, yellowtail, red snapper, celery, onions, potatoes, tomatoes from the garden, herbs and spices.

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    1. re: KiltedCook

      That sounds sooo delicious. I'm from the Gulf Coast, too, love that kind of thing.

      1. stopped at butcher yesterday ( Savenor) and asked for xtra thick cut pork chops.He remarked that they had a side of local pig and would I like them cut from that...oh ya ! The chops were cut from the shoulder end ( the pig was huge) and they are magnificent. 2 inches thick . We are going to grille them over wood and serve with baked potato and peeled brussel sprouts sauteed with pancetta...At true oink Staurday nite.

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        1. re: capeanne

          Are you supposed to peel brussel sprouts? My husband loves them and I keep trying to love them. Haven't sauteed them yet, but I have some pancetta....hmmmm

          1. re: bayoucook

            try peeling the brussel sprouts, blanching and then roasting with olive oil, salt and pepper, delicious...

            1. re: rondaj

              will do - husband would love it if I cooked them more often

              1. re: rondaj

                yes we peel them and sautee similar ro rondaj method...just different heat ( no blanch and stove top not oven) I never really loved brussels sprouts til we tried them quasi shredded ...completely different to me

          2. Oakland reporting for duty, Sir! Chicken saltimbocca with grilled asparagus and buttered garlicky spaghetti. Got season 2 of Galactica cued up in the DVD. Good times....

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              Hey, Adam! You sorta feel like a personal friend since the "words" thread. ;)

              I made sea scallops dusted in polenta and sauteed in butter with lemon peel and limoncello for appetizers, then creamy polenta with mascarpone and veal *I dunno*...which I meant to make as scallopine or saltimbocca, but I totally winged it and it didn't have a real sauce per se. I will have to get an official recipe and try again, but the flavor was good...shallots, peppers, mushrooms, madeira and proscuitto. It was nice out today in CT and I was walking, shopping, etc. rather than focusing on a recipe. Tomorrow will be crappy out so I can "study" for next time! :)

              P.S. To capeanne and bayoucook re Brussels sprouts--try them this way:
              Cut in half, coat in olive oil, sprinkle salt & pepper and grill them. My friend has a raclette and we've done them twice this way. They're fab! And I never used to like them, either.

            2. Had an avocado to use NOW. Made chorizo tacos. Tomorrow is St. David's Day so potato leek soup is on the menu then. St. David is patron saint of Wales. Leeks are common on the menu and often men wear one anchored to their hat bands.

              March is full of "special" days. Fittingly March 14 is national Pi day. Up to you to make one round or square.

              1. Just got back from Bahamas and was in the mood to continue some flavors so I bought some fresh maine shrimp and made these shrimp salsa towers. Loved the flavors, lime, peppery, sweet mango, etc.

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                1. re: lexpatti

                  What a beautiful presentation, lexpatti! That looks like something called salad madness they serve in one of my favorite sushi spots. Your dinner looked much prettier than mine...and sounded very tasty, too.

                  1. re: kattyeyes

                    oooh, I bet sushi grade tuna would be excellent in a tower (I've had a similar one) - this sushi place of yours isn't in New England is it??

                    1. re: lexpatti

                      Yes, it is! It's in Orange, CT (Wild Ginger). Are you anywhere near there? I just posted a pic of their salad madness in your other thread. Here's a link to the resto:

                      Another sushi restaurant I love makes tuna tartare with very thinly sliced apple around the tartare to contain it. Beautiful and delicious!

                      Wild Ginger
                      111 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT 06477

                  2. re: lexpatti

                    really beautiful and a new idea for my mango fettish Thanks

                    1. re: capeanne

                      I didn't think I liked mango, but i'm really starting to. What other things are you doing with mango? We are trying to do low cal so added fruits and vegies to my dishes is working great.