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Feb 28, 2009 12:14 PM

Looking for opinions on Francisco's on the River (Washingtons Crossing)

On a drive down the River Road south of New Hope, noticed that the space once occupied by Marcella is now called Francisco's On the River. Their web site shows a menu largely offering pastas for $18-23 each. Wonder whether anyone has visited Francisco's yet. Anything distinctive about the pastas? Any other offerings? BYO?

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  1. My boss has been there twice and said that the food was excellent. I believe that either the chef or some of the wait staff were associated with Marcella's. He lives in the area and used to frequent Marcella's.
    I unfortunately have no info on distinctive dishes. I do believe he said that it's BYO.

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      Thanks for your reply. Until I hear something compelling, I'm afraid I can't justify $20 for a dish of raviolis.