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Feb 28, 2009 12:04 PM

Seafood - Aquagrill or Ocean Grill or other

Will be in New York for 4 days in late March and interested in a great place for seafood, not outrageously expensive. Lots of good talk on this Board about Aquagrill but I wondered about recent reviews and recommendations.

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  1. I went to Aquagrill about a week ago for dinner - hadn't been for a year or so - and it was great, as always. The waitstaff will push the specials hard, and I think they're right to do so. I had grouper with shrimp and potato hash (or something - it was home fries with shrimp in it), spinach, and a really intense and delicious lobster sauce. They give you a lot of bread, if you care about such things. I sort of do.

    The rest of my party had Alaskan king crab with asparagus, also a special, and the cod and the tuna off the regular menu. I tasted the crab, which was good but not spectacular. And small. Quite small.

    1. Ocean Grill is part of the B.R. Guest chain along with Blue Water Grill and Blue Fin, perfectly servicable something-for-everyone places if you happen to be on the Upper West Side (Museum of Natural History, especially), or in Union Square or Times Square, respectively. Aquagrill is a board favorite and a cut above OG, and a great pick for oysters or if you're in Soho. Funkier (and even smaller) downtown picks would include Tides, Mary's Fish Camp, Pearl Oyster Bar or Ed's Lobster Bar. Chinatown also has great seafood, especially board darling Cantoon Garden (were there last weekend and family still can't stop raving about slab of steamed carp we had, complete with neck and head).

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        and what are your feelings about the Sea Grill near the skating rink???

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          It's also part of a chain, another "serviceable something-for-everyone place" that is not fantastic and is not terrible either. It's alright. The main thing going for it is location and the view if you get to sit by the rink during the winter.

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            Haven't been since Ed Brown left to do Eighty One (speaking of the Museum of Natural History). FWIW, Newsday wrote up Sea Grill last January (Google it with "Gianotti"). Still, if you have the $$$ and out-of-towners to impress, you can't beat the location (during the winter).

        2. Thanks. Based on the recommendations on this Board we've made a reservation for Aquagrill and I can report back.

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            Enjoy Acquagrill. Always fresh fish.However, dont expect a big fancy place like Le Bernadin. Acquagrill is small cozy and good.

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              Actually, that sounds perfect for us. Thanks again

          2. Went to Aquagrill last weekend when we were in New York. The food was "okay" but definitely not great. As suggested by others on this Board, we stuck to the specials, but the shrimp ceviche (in soy and trufffle oil) was too soft and almost muc\shy, and the snow crab claws were tasteless. The service was certainly enthusiastic, but overall we were disappointed.