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Feb 28, 2009 11:22 AM

Wine for beer (lambic) lovers

Over the last years there have been a number of articles about beers that might appeal to wine drinkers such as:

Reportedly, a good chunk of the people who visit the traditional lambic brewer Cantillon are wine drinkers.

Are there any styles or specific wineries that should appeal to beer (lambic) drinkers?

For example, I can imagine that 'Vin Jaune' or the dry rieslings from Alsace might appeal to some lambic drinkers.

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  1. My first thought goes to the great white wines of Friuli as made by Gravner, Radikon, and Damajin. None are cheap, or even moderately priced.

    But, for $45ish, the Damijan white blend (forget what it is called by begins with a "K" is dynamite and might do the trick.

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      I think you may mean Collio Kaplja by Damijan.

      I'd recommend the wines of Savennieres, from the Loire Valley in France. They have an initial smell of hops and controlled oxidation, but that blows off to reveal beautiful layers of brioche, citrus and herbs, with a creamy fullness not unlike beer. The most developed and (in)famous Savennieres wines come from the producer Nicolas Joly. (He has his own appellation, in fact.) There are many posts about Joly and his wines on this board.

      Yes, agree with the Vin Jaune idea.

      Read more here, from myself and others:

    2. If the wild yeast-brett-funk thing is what you think lambic-lovers are into, go for any French style that is celebrated for its earthiness, funkiness or barnyard aromas. Example: organic Saint-Joseph from Herve Souhaut. Or Chinon from Olga Raffault.