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Durkee's Famous Sauce

I came across a reference to this sauce while surfing recipes for remoulade(Justin Wilson"s recipe). It seems it has been around long enough for Mrs Lincoln to stock it in the White House pantry. I did find it at the supermarket. It has a mayo plus mustard flavor.
Does anyone use this stuff? Any good recipes?

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  1. I can't comment on Durkee's but I make remoulade all the time. Which are you looking for. I can post a great remoulade which I love with fish sandwiches, also po boys and just a dip for fresh shrimp and crab.

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      I was on a search for the remoulade. If you have a good recipe that you are willing to share I would be most grateful.

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        After dinner, glad to post ... 7:30 here, dinner is calling. It is pretty simplistic but very good. Making it for years. Since age 12 actually. Grew up in the summer on a lake. Lots of fish fries. Mom made me ... who knew years later, I still love it.

      2. I believe it may be Durkee's Red Hot, which is now Frank's Red Hot (or Frank's is close enough to what Durkee was).

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          totally different than Frank's Red Hot - as the OP said, it's a mayo/mustard amalgamation.


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            Ah, I misread and thought it was an ingredient in a sauce that ended up mayo/mustardy in the end.

        2. Chris, there are recipes on the Durkee website:


          and here are a couple of past threads to give you serving/use ideas:

          1. I found this if it helps. They call it Durkee clone sauce.


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              This may be the same, having problem viewing on the web right now, sorry is this is a dupe.

            2. I've been using Durkee my whole life. Mostly I use it instead of mustard on sandwiches. It's excellent on a chicken sandwich or turkey. I also mix a bit into things like potato salad or cole slaw or deviled eggs. I can see that it would be good in remoulade although I never make remoulade.

              Durkee is a slightly sweet and slightly spicy mustard sauce. It's not very mayonnaise-y. It tastes nothing at all like Dijonnaise and that kind of thing.

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                agree 100%. especially deviled eggs.

              2. This is my best remoulade sauce

                1 cup mayo
                1/4 cup chili sauce
                2 tablespoons sweet pickles fine diced
                1 teaspoon worschestire sauce
                1teaspoon capers
                4 tablespoons finely chopped green onions, white and green parts
                2 tablespoons fresh parsley chopped fine
                1 tablespoon parsley chopped fine
                1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
                2 tablespoons chopped green olives
                1 small rib of celery diced fine about 2 tablespoons
                2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
                1 teaspoon lemon zest (optional) but I love it
                2 tablespoons olive oil
                2 tablespoons dijon or creole mustard
                1 teaspoon hot sauce to taste
                Salt and pepper to taste

                This makes a lot but keeps a couple of weeks. I don't make it often but it is well worth it for a special dinner. It is a great special sauce with unbelievable flavor. I don't use it everyday ... but love it for a nice special event. Great with grilled or fried shrimp.

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                  In your ingredients you list:
                  2 tablespoons fresh parsley chopped fine
                  1 tablespoon parsley chopped fine

                  So are there 3 Tbsp chopped parsley or is one of these ingredients something else?


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                    kim no longer posts here. maybe it's tarragon?

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                      Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it.

                2. the only way I use Durkee's Famous Sauce is on a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, or grilled ham/cheese/tomato. I don't use it for anything else though the label says it's good in cole slaw and potato salad. I've tried it on cold sandwiches and much prefer using plain mayo and mustard separately over the durkee's sauce.

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                    It is excellent on sourdough or Sheepherders bread with left over Thanksgiving Turkey.... MMMmmmm now I'm hungry and will have to go to Bishop for the bread......

                  2. I found a pretty simple one to go with Asian crab cakes... wasabi remoulade.

                    1/4 cup each ketchup and mayo
                    1 tablespoon each wasabi paste, minced capers, and finely chopped parsley
                    1/4 teaspoon each salt and pepper

                    Mix together, let chill for a short while to let flavors mingle.

                    1. Great on poultry or fish - HAVE TO HAVE IT on chicken or turkey sandwiches. Good for egg salad or stuffed eggs - and.....Good as a dip for fish sticks - use in crab cakes. Good on many things - once you try it, you'll add it to a lot of things.

                      Make Southern style potato salad:
                      2-3 large potatoes (bake in microwave then skin)
                      1-2 eggs - hardboil or 'quick style': beat well and pour into mdm hot skillet, making a flat layer of cooked egg. Mince finely.
                      While potatoes are cooking, dice 1/4+ c. onion and 1/4+ c. sweet pickle. (Can use dill).
                      Make sauce:
                      1-2 T. mayo
                      1-2 T. Miracle Whip
                      2+ T. Dukee's (to taste)
                      1-2 t. yellow mustard (like French's)
                      salt/freshly ground black pepper to taste
                      1/2+ t. celery seed
                      Place onion, pickle in mdm bowl. (Stainless is best for quick cooling.) Dice baked potatoes into 1/2". Pour over onion and pickle and mix. Heat will slightly cook onion.
                      Make sauce in a separate bowl. Pour over potatoes, onion, pickle, to your liking - 'dry' or 'wet'. Potatoes will absorb some sauce - so you may want to add a little extra. Mix well.
                      Place covered bowl in freezer section of your refrig - set timer for one 30-45 min. Potato salad should be cool to eat at that time. Keep refrig'd.

                      1. A watering hole/sandwich joint in Nashville called The Sutler, now sadly departed and deeply mourned, had as its signature sandwich a thing called the Hurkey. This was sliced roasted turkey breast and ham, both real as opposed to lunch meat, with a slice of cheese and a smear of a Secret Sauce, on sourdough bread grilled just to a pale gold so that the cheese was soft but not runny, and the meats warmed through. It was a big favorite amongst the Music Row denizens that hung out and lunched there, and pretty damn popular with me, too. And on about the second or third bite of my first one, I said, "Aha! Durkee's!" That was the "Secret" sauce. Johnny the proprietor never owned up, but I didn't go running around telling everyone, either. Wouldn't be mannerly. It does however help to console me in this now Sutler-less world that I can still have a proper Hurkey if I want one.

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                          And of course I just found out I'd posted this story on the other, older Durkee's thread! I guess it's right, what they say happens when you get old and start telling the same damn story over and over...

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                            Don't feel bad. When I first found Chowhound, I posted under a different name.
                            Last year someone resurrected a thread from 2003, and I posted an answer to my own question.
                            At least I remembered what I learned.

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                              >>>Last year someone resurrected a thread from 2003, and I posted an answer to my own question.<<<<

                              too funny!

                        2. This is a secret ingredient in a family recipe. I may now be expelled from the family for saying that much.

                          1. In Morton's Steak Bible, published by the great steakhouse Morton's of Chicago, they have a recipe for their blue cheese dressing and it contains a little bit of this. Will have to try it. If anyone wants the blue cheese recipe, I will post it.

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                              Absolutely. There is no such thing as too many Blue Cheese Dressing recipes.

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                                Ok....Morton's Blue Cheese Dressing
                                Makes 5 cups

                                2 cups of real mayonnaise like Duke's or Hellman's
                                1 cup plus 2 tablespoons sour cream
                                1/4 cup buttermilk
                                1 teaspooon Durkee's Famous Sauce
                                1/2 teaspoon seasoned salt
                                salt and freshly ground black papper
                                7 ounces blue cheese, crumbled (1 1/2 cups)

                                In a large bowl, whisk together mayo and sour cream. Add buttermilk, Durkee' and seasoned salt and whisk until well mixed. Season to taste with salt and pepper and whisk again.

                                Using a rubber spatula, gently fold in blue cheese. Transfer to storage container with tight lid and refrigerate for at least one day and up to 4.

                                From Morton's of Chicago Steak Bible

                            2. I make another sauce out of this sauce it is wonderful on grilled chicken or steak.

                              Pour Durkee sauce into sauce pan add 1 stick of butter or margerine. Then low heat to melt butter. To the durkee jar add a tablespoon of lemonjuice and about 1/2 cup white vinegar shake well and add to sauce. Add garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste. You then add sugar to the sauce this again will be to your taste adding a little at a time to cut down the vinegar taste. It is so good but definitley not on the low cal side. (DO NOT LET THE SAUCE BOIL IT WILL SEPERATE!!!!!)