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Feb 28, 2009 11:14 AM

Durkee's Famous Sauce

I came across a reference to this sauce while surfing recipes for remoulade(Justin Wilson"s recipe). It seems it has been around long enough for Mrs Lincoln to stock it in the White House pantry. I did find it at the supermarket. It has a mayo plus mustard flavor.
Does anyone use this stuff? Any good recipes?

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  1. I can't comment on Durkee's but I make remoulade all the time. Which are you looking for. I can post a great remoulade which I love with fish sandwiches, also po boys and just a dip for fresh shrimp and crab.

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      I was on a search for the remoulade. If you have a good recipe that you are willing to share I would be most grateful.

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        After dinner, glad to post ... 7:30 here, dinner is calling. It is pretty simplistic but very good. Making it for years. Since age 12 actually. Grew up in the summer on a lake. Lots of fish fries. Mom made me ... who knew years later, I still love it.

      2. I believe it may be Durkee's Red Hot, which is now Frank's Red Hot (or Frank's is close enough to what Durkee was).

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          totally different than Frank's Red Hot - as the OP said, it's a mayo/mustard amalgamation.

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            Ah, I misread and thought it was an ingredient in a sauce that ended up mayo/mustardy in the end.

        2. Chris, there are recipes on the Durkee website:

          and here are a couple of past threads to give you serving/use ideas:

          1. I found this if it helps. They call it Durkee clone sauce.


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              This may be the same, having problem viewing on the web right now, sorry is this is a dupe.

            2. I've been using Durkee my whole life. Mostly I use it instead of mustard on sandwiches. It's excellent on a chicken sandwich or turkey. I also mix a bit into things like potato salad or cole slaw or deviled eggs. I can see that it would be good in remoulade although I never make remoulade.

              Durkee is a slightly sweet and slightly spicy mustard sauce. It's not very mayonnaise-y. It tastes nothing at all like Dijonnaise and that kind of thing.

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                agree 100%. especially deviled eggs.