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Feb 28, 2009 10:45 AM


I was wondering if anyone knows where in Ottawa i can buy:

edamame that is not from China?

costco = china
herb 'n spice = china

much appreciated.

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  1. Just as a side note, I am unaware of many Ontario farms selling soy beans to retail consumers.

    If your looking to buy 'local' soybeans, i would think the closest you would get would be from Cali. or are you just trying to avoid Asian produce?

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    1. re: flying101

      just trying to avoid Asian produce...Cali would be you know where?

      1. re: vch

        Well I would suggest looking at maybe the wholefoods 365 brand of frozen edamame and see where they are grown. but again, not very helpful since you live in ottawa, i will look at other brands next time im in the frozen section of wholefoods, or similar stores.

        also just as a warning, you cannot always be 100% of the where the product is grown, as the labeling laws in Canada can be misleading. for example Allans apple juice uses Chinese apples, but because most of the processing costs (over 51%) take place within canada (bottling, reconcentration etc) it is allowed to be labeled as a product of Canada.
        Frozen whole beans, might not run into this problem, but maybe shelled beans?

        1. re: vch

          Was at the local natural food store today, and they sell a brand of frozen soybeans caleld 'Champion Valley' it comes in a reddish packaging and are product of the USA, most of the other bags of frozen soybeans were products of china.

          I can't find any info on this brand online, i might have the name wrong, next time I am there I will pick up a package and get the info. there probably is a local retail store that carries the brand in ottawa.

      2. There are tonnes and tonnes of soybeans grown in S.W. Ontario. Some of them will be Edamame, you just have to find them. Places like Cookstown, or sushi places such as Aoyama will know the sources. A google search within Ontario should be useful.

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        1. re: jayt90

          I have spoken to a couple of farmers, and the majority of the soy they grow, is not for the consumer market, in fact more the 3/4s of the soybeans are exported to the states (a quick search on google will tell you that).

          Since the vch is from Ottawa, I highly doubt they are willing to do a trip to cookstown (also soybeans are mostly grown in crop rotation with other grains, places like cookstown and highland marsh would not grow soybeans? except for maybe a small patch.

          So again, I highly doubt most of the soybeans grown in ontario go in to mass market consumer retailers as edamame. but more likely in processed foods.

          but if would also be interested in finding a local source for them (market etc), since the farmers I know don't grow the right type of bean for personal consumption.

        2. Anyone know where I can but it in downtown Toronto? I don't care if it's Asian produce.

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          1. re: LTL

            All the larger grocers on Spadina in Chinatown have it in their frozen section. The Lucky Moose on Dundas and Beverly carries them too.

          2. The original comment has been removed