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Feb 28, 2009 09:53 AM

Bend, Oregon on a Sunday night

Trying to find nice restaurants in or near Bend to take guests from Atlanta on a Sunday and a Tuesday.

Only ones I can find open on Sunday are: Blacksmith, Tumalo Feed Co, Staccato at the Firehall, Jen's Garden (in Sisters), South Bend Bistro (in Sunriver). Any recommendations?

On Tuesday, I have more options. I am trying to decide among Ariana, Jackalope, Zydeco and Cork. Where would you send us on a Tuesday night?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. All are good spots. My personal choices would be Blacksmith, which might be the most expensive in town but delicious, and Zydeco, which is more casual but just as good. Ariana would impress people with it's cute building and great food. Jen's Garden will be a 30 minute drive but well, well worth it.

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        Ariana is an excellent choice, with a wine list to match the food. Ditto Brickhouse in Redmond, if you are going to drive as far as Sisters. Check their online menu. Jen's Garden is good, and very nice people, but portion sizes are small and selections limited. Haven't been to Cork for awhile, but have never been disappointed. Haven't been to Blacksmith for awhile, but HAVE been disappointed.