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Feb 28, 2009 09:49 AM

New Braunfels

Anything great or interesting there, either upscale or otherwise? And thanks but no thanks to Huisache. Been there three times with a big fan and was underwhelmed each time (and the markup on some of those wines was a little alarming). But I digress - looking for some other options. Thanks.

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  1. When we go to New Braunfels, we usually go down the Comal River or go to Schlitterbaun Water after that type of day we want something very casual. We go to Pat's Place.

    1. For some great upscale, you may want to try Myron's Steak House or Liberty Bistro. Recently ate at LB on a first date, and it left quite an impression. Friesenhaus is an authentic german restaurant off the square, and although I haven't tried it, many whom I've spoken to have enjoyed it.

      As for casual, Cooper's BBQ recently opened, and it is incredible! IMHO, everything else in town is terribly mediocre.