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Feb 28, 2009 09:43 AM

Good restaurants in Scarborough.

My family lives near Scarborough, so we often don't feel like going downtown when we go out for dinner. We're tired of the beach and we've exhausted the Danforth....Scarborough is HUGE, so there must be some good restaurants somewhere? We're not too picky on cuisine as long as it's good, has vegetarian options (one of us is veggie) and has a liquor license. TIA!

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  1. The standout in Scarborough is Zen Japanese. Exquisite quality and of course they're licensed. In Scarborough you may as well not open your doors in the first place if you can't hand over a beer.

    1. My "good food" places in Scarborough unfortunately aren't restaurants. They're take out joints, small eateries, and many places I'm not sure qualify as "restaurants". However, when I want dim sum in the area, I go to Dragon Dynasty in the mall on Brimley & Huntingwood (but 15 mins north will open up better (and more expensive) options).

      Fratelli Village Pizzeria is also a good family resto.

      I also like Gumi for Korean food.

      They all are LLBO and have veggie options. As you said, Scarborough is huge. How about a intersection to center the recommendations?

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        Thanks for the replies so far. I'd prefer southwest scarborough, but would travel further north for anything out of the ordinary.

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          I agree, Scarborough isn't the sort of place for sit-down dining, but, for take-out there are some good joints.

          Burgers: I hear lots about Johnny Burgers and Real McCoy which are both good, but for my money, there are few better than a complete hole in the wall at our local strip plaza called Maple Garden restaurant. The chocolate shakes are made with real ice cream and are smooth - the best chocolate shakes around. The hours of the restaurant are weird but Paul makes a good burger, fries and onion rings, and, did I mention the shakes? Meadowvale and Dean Park Road.

          Chinese: We're still looking on this one. Green Tea Restaurant on Island Road is our "go-to."

          Greek: Friendly Greek (it's two person platter feeds our family of five - admittedly small kids). It's much better than Mr. Greek Junior - the tzaiki is fresh and the meat flavourful. Morningside/Lawrence.

          Thai: Not quite Scarborough (but close) is Linda's in the newly renovated Don Mills Centre. There you can order the best Thai dish ever - Golden Curry Chicken. This is a restaurant that used to be located above the enigmatically named and legendary Salad King near Ryerson U. We also have gone to the Thai Orchid in Pickering, which is good, but doesn't really compare to some of the downtown fare.

          Middle Eastern - Ok, there is one of these in the Scarborough Town Centre food court, but, the best to be had is the Medina's in the Pickering Town Center. Their combo plate is a great Chicken Shwarma and Beef Tawouk (I think that's what it is). Anyway, easily one of my favourite take out meals.

          This is a great thread! I've got it bookmarked.

          1. re: scarborough

            I would never eat at Medina's. They're somewhere in the middle of Mediterranean and middle eastern and food court quality through and through. There are plenty of good Lebanese joints for some real sharwarma, tawook and falafel experience near Warden/Lawrence. My fav is Farhat (NW corner of Warden/Lawrence strip) and you'll find one of the best Lebanese experience in T.O. If you're closer to Pickering, there is one place (sorry, I forget the name) at SouthEast corner with No frills, Mandarine buffet, Tim Hortons' complex. They're not even close to being as good as Warden and Lawrence but it will have to do in Durham region.

            I live just off Island Rd but if you want real Chinese, stay away from Green Tea Restaurant. Instead, trek over to Sheppard and Brimley where you will find many better options like the Perfect Chinese Restaurant (open 24hrs) or more tame version, Asian Legend.

            There is a decent Thai place on Port Union rd and Lawson that just opened up a little over a year ago.

            2020 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R2Z1, CA

        2. I recently tried Hopper Hut in the plaza at the north-west corner of Kennedy and Ellesmere; it was our first experience with Sri Lankan food, and it was excellent. Two words: crab curry. So much flavour... gorgeously intense. I thought about it for days. Can't remember if they have a liquor licence though.

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          1. re: Olivia

            Hmm I'll definitely give that a try....I don't think I've ever had Sri Lankan food and I love trying new cuisines!

            1. re: kweenshaker

              Just asked a friend, and it's unlicenced. It's too bad as a beer (or three) would be amazing with the foods we had. Still worth a visit though.

              1. re: Olivia

                That's a shame. Do you know if they're open for lunch?

                1. re: kweenshaker

                  I only ever go there for lunch, so that one's covered. It's really good stuff, though last few times I have been it wasn't as incendiary as I remembered.... maybe I just ordered the wrong things!

            2. re: Olivia

              Was the crab curry spicy? I can take mild to somewhat moderate spicy, but that's about it.

              1. re: red dragon

                Sorry, it's been a few months, so I can't remember if the crab itself was particularly spicy. When I go back I'll make a note of it and post again.

            3. Despite what the regulars say, (they are so jaded!) I like the husband/wife team at Aoyama 2766 Victoria Park, for realistic Japanese food, especially sushi and sashimi.

              For me, the seafood has has been excellent, and the service by Caroline superb,

              It is best to go at non-rush times.

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              1. re: jayt90

                i really liked Aoyama as well!

                My other suggestions are:
                - Fratelli's (def check out this place!)
                - Federicks and Lin Garden for hakka chinese food
                - Cafe Michi
                - Roti Hut (they renovated the place and it now has a pretty big dining area)
                - Real McCoy (great burgers and donut onion rings)
                - Asian Legend
                - Tandoori Pearl (i've only been there for lunch but its really good)

                there are tons of places to go in really depends on what you are looking for.

                1. re: helen0505

                  Thanks for the suggestions! We really just like food (lol) so fire away any more suggestions you may have! We just haven't explored Scarborough much, mainly because of the (unfair) bad rap.

                  1. re: helen0505

                    I used to go to Aoyama all the time when they first opened, but haven't been for a long time. Their quality went down when they were getting a lot more people. Not sure if they are better now, will go back and check them up sometime.

                    Some more suggestions:
                    - Pho Vietname(Kennedy and Ellesmere) is good for Pho and Vietnamese rice dishes.
                    - Kenny's Noodles at Midland and Shepperd is good for certain dishes(some can be crappy), they have the best Ox Lungs with Vermicelli in the city.

                2. Vincent's spot, Midland on Kingston Road.