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Feb 28, 2009 09:06 AM

New Indian place in Jackson Heights?

I remember there being a post a couple of months ago about a new (and good) South Asian place in Jackson Heights, that was said to rival Spicy Mina. I can't seem to find the post, however. Can anyone enlighten me?

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    1. re: Mike V

      There are several new places. Delhi Heights (37-66 74th St.) got some attention, but the one that has been winning the most fans in the neighborhood is Mehfil (76-05 37th Ave.):

      1. re: toddg

        Ah yes, I believe Mehfil was the place I had in mind. Thank you kindly.

        1. re: bennyt

          i really like delhi heights a lot better, fwiw. nothing wrong with mehfil, but i've never had anything particularly interesting in four visits, whereas delhi heights has some cool dishes you don't see everywhere (many goan, i believe).

          1. re: david sprague

            talk to me about Delhi Heights- where can I read more about it?

            1. re: bennyt

              sietsema gave it a hearty endorsement in the voice


              i really dig the chicken chettinad and the pindi channa fwiw

              1. re: david sprague

                awesome, thanks for the link. Looks like a place I should check out, although I'm wary of trying to go on a Saturday night when it might be packed with "dating couples and extended families". Thanks for the rec