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Feb 28, 2009 08:41 AM

Spunto pizza

@ 7th Ave/Carmine in the West Village

My girlfriend and I meandered for a long time from West Chelsea to NYU and back to here looking for a place with nice ambience, good but simple food, and reasonable prices, and we were very glad to have stopped at Spunto last night. We had some very good pizza and excellent service.

We got the rotella and a large ricotta and basil pie. The rotella was young prosciutto wrapped around smoked mozzarella and arugula, sliced into six sushi-sized pieces and set on a pesto sauce -- very fresh and tasty. The pizza was delicious. Extra thin crust, crispy, evenly cooked, ample topping, also very fresh. I think the thinness of the crust is probably what sets this place apart. Really thin, which I like.

The beer selection could be a little better (esp. more local), but it was perfectly acceptable. They have Blue Moon, Stella, and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on tap, and about a half dozen bottles (incl. the obligatory Italian brand). Pitchers were $22, and if you get there for happy hour (5-7) you get a free plain pizza with the pitcher. Pretty good deal. The wines were pretty standard for a sit-down pizza place: $7-8 a glass and $26-30 a bottle (pinot grigio for $20).

I thought the service was perfect. Everybody was really nice without being obtrusive. We were encouraged to take our time, and it didn't feel like they were just saying that -- we did stay a really long time (practically shut the place down), and there was never any pressure to wrap it up.

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  1. I will check out Spunto,,i also prefer thin and crisp. thanks.

    1. Thanks for the report. Is this a whole-pie place like Arturo's, that doesn't sell slices?

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        I'm pretty sure it's whole pies -- 10" or 16" -- no slices. Also, FWIW, my girlfriend thought it was good, but rather pricey. Check it out for happy hour if you can.

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          I just checked their prices on

          What's interesting is that the weblink given for the restaurant there is Vezzo's website. Based on a comparison of the two menus, this seems to be effectively a branch of Vezzo's, which I consider a good pizzeria and, actually, an inexpensive one. Their cracker-crust is something I enjoy, but it's not for everyone.

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            Too funny, that makes perfect sense. We commented on the "Shroomtown" special pie, and the other similarities to Gruppo in the East Village, which I gather is also in the same family. Basically you can think of Spunto as a bigger and slightly fancier Gruppo.

      2. They do sell by the slice. They have some excellent lunch specials--2 big slices and a free soda for around$6. You can also get a personal-size cheese pie, a small salad, and free soda for $9. Very nice thin crust pie and a great addition to the neighborhood.

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