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Feb 28, 2009 08:15 AM

where can i find victoria beer?

looking for victoria beer (mexico) everywhere and can't seem to find it - anyone seen this anywhere?

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  1. Illegal here. Sometimes Mexican groceries have a few bottles stashed away and sell them at exorbitant prices when someone has a birthday etc. It is good beer.

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      1. re: MShapiro

        Dunno really... maybe just marketing "the only Mexican beer brewed just for Mexicans"... not for export. Remember the Coors nonsense back in the day?

      2. re: Flaco

        it's at quite a few bars in san diego...and the beer is one of the like to get a few cases at the house for serving

      3. i've seen it at tacos nuevos mexico in park slope

        1. FYI - this is just being released in the United States now. They're launching in the Chicago area first and then spreading across the U.S.

          1. Finally! If you live in or near Chicago, IL. ARMITAGE PRODUCE at 3334 W Armitage Ave. Is the first place to have VIctoria Beer imported directly from Mexico legally. 6 pack bottles will run you $9.99. Thank you Armitage Produce for importing this great beer from Mexico even though you are known as the #1 Puerto Rican store in Chicago. Go figure!

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            1. re: PETEDIEHRD

              Victoria is all over Chicago and word is that it will be available in other parts of the country soon. All the bars can be found here.
              And asking the fans will lead you to some of the stores selling it.

              1. re: joelakaplan

                thanks for the heads up! can't wait to not have to pay for the illegal version in ny!

            2. In Manhattan you can get it at Tehuitzingo Deli Grocery , 695 10th Ave., but it's very expensive. (But the tacos are inexpensive and delicious, so it evens out...)