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Feb 28, 2009 08:14 AM

David Burke's Primehouse Rest. Week Lunch

My wife and I went to DB's Primehouse for lunch yesterday for the restaurant week menu. I had the short rib and lobster dumplings while my wife had the Lobster Bisque. I really enjoyed the Lobster dumplings---lemony, but not overly so tasting of fresh lobster...very nice. The short rib dumplings tasted more like mushroom than beef---not my style. My wife enjoyed the bisque although she was surprised by the crunchy green bits. Entrees were shrimp tempura salad and the dry-aged 7 oz sirloin. My wife enjoyed her salad, particularly after a bit more dressing was brought to the table. My steak was simply excellent, the perfect size for lunch. Sides were presented 'family style' very nice asparagus, creamed spinach, whupped potatoes and mushrooms. I had seen on the website that onion rings would be available, but the printed menu made no mention of them...I asked the server who said that they'd be happy to bring some out. Bring some they did and they were the giant 80%/20% crispy coating style that isn't my favorite way to eat onion rings (I could have asked) which wouldn't have been a big deal if they didn't arrive with an $8 upcharge---live and learn. The onion ring batter also had a slight curry taste while not off-putting was slightly unusual. The deserts were decent but unremarkable.

Overall a nice lunch...the steak was superior.

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