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Feb 28, 2009 07:59 AM

any good ideas for dinner in bergen county?

I am always at a loss for a great dinner restaurant. I am into either "joints" or 5 star, nothing mediocre in between. Hate the cheesecake factory. Love BYO's. Any ideas for Bergen or even Rockland counties?

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  1. List some preferences of actual places you have been to and liked, will then help others in providing suggestions for you. Define your idea of a "joint" by example and we will also have a better idea of what you are looking for. My go to spot is Dinallo's in River Edge for lunch and Sunday's too crowded any other time. I also like The River Palm Terrace....but only the Edgewater location.

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      I second the recommendation to provide more info on your parameters, but in the meantime, Relish in Sparkill, not far north of the Bergen-Rockland border might suit your needs. The food is excellent. While it's not BYO, on Sunday nights they don't charge the usual corkage fee.

    2. A very cozy, no frills, family-owned-and-ran Italian place, which is BYO and has a wine store right next to it:

      Big Red Tomato, on Anderson Ave, in Fort Lee NJ.

      LOVE them, and their pasta dishes are cheap! Like between $8-$12! I've been there on numerous occasions, never been disappointed with their food.

      1. Ravi NY, just over the border into Rockland is relatively new and very good. For byo, we like Mediterraneo in Ridgewood...very cozy, authentic mediterranean food.