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Feb 28, 2009 07:34 AM

Burger King is selling Burger Shots

Our local junk food reviewer, Ken Hoffman, ran a piece in the Houston Chronicle Thursday about these. You can get 6 or just 2, and you have a choice of burgers or breakfast. They are smaller than sliders, and in the 6 pack they come in one piece, like a package of dinner rolls, that you have to pull apart. So it's 6 "shots" but looks like a package of rolls. Now what will they think of next?

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    1. re: cstr

      From his review it days that the 6 pieces are $4.19, which seem a bit hefty to me, and the 2 piece is $1.39, also hefty, but then again I haven't actually seen the size of the "shots" so who knows.

    2. Everything old is new again. They served these back in the 80s, and called them Burger Buddies. They were served only in pairs back then.

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      1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

        I was too busy in the 80's for BK, so I don't remember this. But I'm not surprised. It's called recycling, isn't it?

        1. re: danhole

          I actually like them, but not a picky eater. Yes, fast food, take it as it comes. Why not. I'm on the road, 2 places McDonald or BK, Ok 2 BK shots, cheap easy and why not. Sorry. I don't like fast food but I eat it. I'm on the road driving, no time to stop, quick in a hurry and I want meat ... sorry, BK got my attention. And not bad. I have no complaints. It is a fad nothing more. Too overpriced but who cares. It is a quick 1 time lunch. It doesn't bother me. I would rather concentrate on dinner for my fam than worry about and post and answer several blogs about a place I don't even care about. Home is what I care about. Lunch was good, I ate, no harm done.

          1. re: kchurchill5

            On the website they look pretty thick - were they? Did they have the "flame broiled" flavor?

            1. re: danhole


              Not at all reminiscent of a White Castle except the size of the bun.

              Kind of a teensy Whopper with no lettuce or tomato. It is food. It is not horrid.

              1. re: danhole

                They were ok, not great, mine are better :) But descent, same flavor, stll flamed broiled not too thick though, but you can't too much with a small burger.

                For what they are ... ok.

                I think I mentioned I do burger shots or sliders whatever you call them party. I do a beef, a turkey and a seafood. Fun party theme and everything I served in miniature or small sized. Small lettuce cups, small chili bowls, small kabobs, etc. It was a huge success and everyone had fun. You could eat more of everything. The seafood burger shots were the hit. I did shrimp and crab with a aioli and fresh roasted tomatoes. Each was different.

                Ok, another blog down the road.

                Yes, descent for the price (over priced) but isn't all take out?

          2. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

            >>Everything old is new again. They served these back in the 80s, and called them Burger Buddies. They were served only in pairs back then.<<

            I was thinking your dates and names were off a bit. In the late 80's Burger Bundles came out, but in the early-mid 90's (I believe) is when the Burger Buddies came about.


            1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

              I thought they were dusting off an old skeleton.

            2. These things suck. It's six rolls but only three small thin burgers so you have to break them apart. They're about 90 percent mustard-slathered bread. Gross.

                1. I have to admit. I have an unnatural love for fast food items, and I found these to be completely inedible, unappetizing and unfulfilling. I ordered six and gave up at number 4 (*not* because I wasn't hungry any longer). Add this to a recent disastrous trip through a Burger King in Texas and it is enough to turn me off this chain for quite some time.

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                  1. re: kkachurak

                    I read this post just in time - saw the BK commercial this morning and we were going to try them this afternoon. NEVER MIND.