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Feb 28, 2009 07:22 AM

Rec's for first date along 696 [Detroit]

Need some help; recommendations for a casual first meeting between Southfield and Novi. I do not know this area as well as I had hoped so all advice is welcome. Would be early evening so the busy "after work" areas might be best. Thanks.

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  1. Beans & Cornbread (Sunset Plaza; NW Hwy between 12 & 13 Mile)

    Mene Sushi; In a strip mall on the NE corner of Maple & Orchard Lake. I recommend
    their Bento box (assortment).

    The Fiddler; West side of Orchard Lake, south of Maple/15 Mile. (Cannot be seen from
    Orchard Lake. Very limited hours; Thu, Fri, Sat (dinner svc only). Sunday lunch only.

    Ginopolis; NW corner of 12 Mile & Middlebelt

    My recommendation for a first-date? The Fiddler or Mene Sushi. The other restaurants
    can be a bit noisier (at times).