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Feb 28, 2009 06:43 AM

Trendy and Foodie in Atlanta

I'm looking for suggestions for dinner in Atlanta for a "foodie" whose college-student daughter is most interested in trendy. Any suggestions?

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  1. Here's what I would call trendy with decent to excellent food...depends what you are willing to spend.

    Flip is Richard Blais' new burger joint.
    The Bar at Trois (very good bar food)
    Kevin Rathbun Steak
    Il Mulino New York (new "chain" but a hotspot)
    Two Urban Licks (great atmosphere and excellent food)
    Spice Market (Asian in the W Hotel)
    Craft (Tom Colicchio's new place)

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    1. My Dad, brother and I went to Atlanta for the weekend for the same type of thing and ate two really good meals out:

      - Craft was very good, very upscale, nicely done. We had appetizers, sides, and split the massive 34 oz steak, which was cooked perfectly.
      - Holman and Finch. We went here the day after Craft, and it was just fantastic. A pretty short wait for a weekend, considering how small the restaurant is, but the food was amazing, the the total meal was cheaper than just the steak at Craft. I'd rather go here 2-3 times to eat through the whole menu (best items: pork belly, mussels, scallops, hanger steak, brussel sprouts).

      So, Craft was good, but it's expensive, and Holman and Finch was fantastic, much more alive, and had just wonderful, very trendy food. The attached link for The Mansion on Peachtree has Craft and Craftbar attached to the hotel.

      Holman & Finch Public House
      2277 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

      The Mansion on Peachtree, A Rosewood Hotel & Residence
      3376 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30326

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        I'd second both Flip and Holeman and Finch, both are delicious and filled with trendy types.