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Feb 28, 2009 05:52 AM

lining oven with silicon sheets

I'm tired of cleaning the oven floor. There's a great sale on those silicon liner sheets and I wondered if anyone has used them to line the oven. I thought that that cleaning would easier if I could remove the sheets rather than scrubbing the oven..

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  1. Why not just a sheet of aluminum foil? Even less cleaning than the silicone sheet. That's the way grandma always did it. Even better, it's recyclable.

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    1. re: lynnlato

      lynnlato, you have to be very careful with foil on the oven floor and do it only if specified by the manufacturer. My mother's one of many who burned the foil onto the surface of her oven interior permanently by doing that. Lucky for her, the oven floor is a separate piece that can be removed and replaced. But check threads like this one:

      1. re: dmd_kc

        Wow, interesting. I just read an article in the Honolulu Times too. It appears that today's foil is a different product than the foil that grandma used. Go figure.

        They have suggested that oven mfg's place stickers in the bottom of ovens advising against this practice.

        Ok, so DONT use foil in the bottom of your oven like grandma used to do.

        1. re: dmd_kc

          If your electric range has the exposed element in it you will shorten its life using a sheet of foil beneath it. Do not use anything in the new ovens with the concealed element.

          Have a spare element on hand if you use foil because it's sure to fail on a holiday.

      2. they make a sheet for the purpose,trim to fit
        a no-no withsome electric ovens(newer)

        1. i'd say using silpats, or similar, would be a bad idea.
          i just run the self clean cycle then wipe the interior down with wet paper towels.

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          1. re: ScubaSteve

            I've been known to run the self-clean cycle and then use the vacuum hose to suck out the ashes. Shhhhh, my little secret.

          2. Thanks all for the advice. I won't use the silicon sheets for the oven. I might custom trim them for my baking pans - after all that's what they were designed for.

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            1. re: rtms

              If you have the silicone sheets with the fiberglass weave (Silpat or Exopat for example), they don't recommend cutting them because the fiberglass can get into your food.

            2. I use those teflon covered sheets, never had an issue with them and anything that reduces cleaning seems very good to me :)