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new tea drinks at starbucks?

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so i don't usually frequent starbucks, but recently while in dire need of a caffein fix i went into one that was not surprisingly "conveniently located" around the corner from where i was.
i planned on getting a latte, but then i was seduced by the name "london fog." well,
the name was nice, but but the drink was nearly undrinkable.
what's the deal with these new tea/milk drinks? are any of them good?

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  1. I tried the Green Tea and Chai types, they're aweful. They use a powder flavor mix that is also sweetened, I'll stick to their coffee and leave the tea to myself.

    1. I drink their Chai tea every day it comes in a concentrate. I had a coupon for a free tea in the new flavors and tried the London Fog. I agree it was almost undrinkable and had a really flowery taste...they didn't convince me to make any changes.

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        The london fog is made with whole leaf Earl Grey tea bags, vanilla syrup, and steamed milk. Earl Grey is a very perfume-y , flowery tasting tea. I don't like it either. The chai is still my favorite. Sweet and spicy.

      2. I drink a lot of London Fogs at local coffeeshops; if you hadn't heard the name you would never guess that Starbucks' version was the same drink. The Starbucks here make them weak and watery. I also tried the Apple Chai the other day when I needed some change for laundry, and it was horrible. It was uncomfortable spicy (for a beverage).

        1. I like the Vanilla Roiboos tea latte. It's basically a tea bag steeped in milk (i get soy). The Starbucks near my school makes it really well- but I've had it in other stores and it tasted watery. It's not life changing- but at 3pm it's a delicious change to decaf coffee.

          1. My husband ordered a Berry Chai tea. I tried a sip and thought it was just lukeworm berry flavored juice. Not very good.

            1. I tried the London Fog on several occasions at different locations. The first time it was fantastic, the other times it was horrible: very heavy on the bergamot. Too flowery is a good description. I am not having it again as it is too inconsistent.

              1. I tried a London Fog just this past week and I really enjoyed it, however the girl who made it for me must have told me two or three times that if i didn't like it I could get something else...so I got the impression it's not going over well, maybe with people who have no idea what earl grey tea tastes like or don't know it's in there. I really like vanilla earl grey some times at home, so like I said, I liked it. Earl grey is an acquired taste for many I guess.

                I also love the green tea latte as long as it's made with skim milk and sugar free syrup or none at all, otherwise too heavy. The Tazo green tea liquid mix is also now sold in tetra packs in the supermarket. The green tea is made with matcha, which is not for everyone used to green tea bags.

                Been a fan of the chai for a long time , but apple chai sounds revolting. In comparison to say, Second Cup, it's better, but of course not in comparison to real chai in an Indian restaurant. Second Cup's chai was too peppery for my liking.

                1. Chai tea is amazing.. its the only drink my husband likes at Starbucks..

                  I love the green tea latte without syrup... hot and cold.... but it is an acquired taste.. many think it is disgusting.. I think their tastebuds are just underdeveloped... :)