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Feb 28, 2009 05:32 AM

new tea drinks at starbucks?

so i don't usually frequent starbucks, but recently while in dire need of a caffein fix i went into one that was not surprisingly "conveniently located" around the corner from where i was.
i planned on getting a latte, but then i was seduced by the name "london fog." well,
the name was nice, but but the drink was nearly undrinkable.
what's the deal with these new tea/milk drinks? are any of them good?

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  1. I tried the Green Tea and Chai types, they're aweful. They use a powder flavor mix that is also sweetened, I'll stick to their coffee and leave the tea to myself.

    1. I drink their Chai tea every day it comes in a concentrate. I had a coupon for a free tea in the new flavors and tried the London Fog. I agree it was almost undrinkable and had a really flowery taste...they didn't convince me to make any changes.

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        The london fog is made with whole leaf Earl Grey tea bags, vanilla syrup, and steamed milk. Earl Grey is a very perfume-y , flowery tasting tea. I don't like it either. The chai is still my favorite. Sweet and spicy.

      2. I drink a lot of London Fogs at local coffeeshops; if you hadn't heard the name you would never guess that Starbucks' version was the same drink. The Starbucks here make them weak and watery. I also tried the Apple Chai the other day when I needed some change for laundry, and it was horrible. It was uncomfortable spicy (for a beverage).

        1. I like the Vanilla Roiboos tea latte. It's basically a tea bag steeped in milk (i get soy). The Starbucks near my school makes it really well- but I've had it in other stores and it tasted watery. It's not life changing- but at 3pm it's a delicious change to decaf coffee.

          1. My husband ordered a Berry Chai tea. I tried a sip and thought it was just lukeworm berry flavored juice. Not very good.