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Feb 28, 2009 04:55 AM

Pizza Pub: An Abomination

New Pizza Pub on 3rd Avenue. Had meant to try Dafonte's new hero branch down the block but it was closed. Pizza Pub looks to be the pizza equivalent of my new recession favorite place Burger Shot Beer 123 as they offer slice/pint/shot combo deals. The guiness was poured alright (not as good as at Molly's across the street of course). But the pizza...I had a sicilian slice and a margharita slice as a sampling. Now the Guttergourmet never met a slice he didn't like (except for that kosher pizzeria up the block from DiFara's when I was 10, but that's another story). So, with that in mind, let me just say: WARNING, WARNING, DANGER, DANGER!!!! The sicilian looked exactly like the squares served at Lazzara's, one of my favorite grandma slices in the city. Lured into a false sense of complacency, I tasted. BLECH!!!!!!!!Greasy, oily, fishy (yes, I said FISHY), tasteless, cardboard. I thought something was wrong with my palate. Nothing, especially pizza, could be this bad. I choked it down not believing my own tastebuds. Turning to the margharita slice, I took a couple of bites. All I can say is that it made me wish I'd ordered another sicilian instead,t hat's how bad it was. I could barely choke it down with the beer. This country is really going to hell. STAY AWAY. You have been warned.

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  1. Oh, no! Say it isn't so, guttergourmet! It's so convenient for us that I was hoping it was really good. Well, looks as though we'll just continue walking a little further to Posto, on the corner of 2nd & 18th, for their very good thin-crust pizza.

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      Posto is OK. Same as its sisters Gruppo and I hear, Vezzo. I'd keep going south to Artichoke, UPN and Luzzo's.

    2. The crust is lacking taste.

      1. Damn, that sucks. Thanks for taking one for the team, GG.

        1. Wow. I think the only way to get over something like that is to grab the first cab you see and instruct the driver to get you to (your favorite) pizzeria asap. And when you get there, eat until the bad memories fade...and all is right in the pizza universe.

          1. My gf lives right near here, so I was hoping for good things. My experience wasn't as bad as gg's, but I probably won't be going back. The pizza itself is bland, but not completely awful Nothing special about the ingredients, tasted like it could've come from any mediocre NJ/LI pizza joint. A friend who reheated a slice later on said it tasted like a hot pocket. Probably not to far off with that assessment. Honestly, there are numerous terrible pizzerias in the area, so they should fit in well.

            It's run by the same people as the place that formerly occupied the spot, Push Cafe. The guy who makes the pizzas is the only new addition, as far as I can tell. This might be their bigger problem, as it has inherited that place's gift for service. I sat merrily at the bar ordering shot+slice combos, while watching a parade of confused people. Where does one order takeout? Is there waitress service for the tables? Where do I pay?

            It ended in a fun scene where customers were yelling suggestions to the receptive (to her credit) manager. Does that happen in other cities? I'm betting they are more likely to stew in silence elsewhere.

            Anyway, seven bucks for a call shot and a slice. This doesn't come close to beating Artichoke, where nine bucks gets ya a bud & sicilian.