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Feb 28, 2009 04:34 AM

Hamilton Manor - Opening May 09

I drive by this place all the time and am excited for them to open! They are a banquet facility with two restaurants inside. An upscale steakhouse where you'll be able to pick your cuts of prime meats and a tapas lounge w/micro brews. The Hamilton area really needs a place like this! Let's hope it's good! Check out their website: (Located on Rt 130 South in Hamilton.)

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  1. Great news and we look forward to it! If only it were BYO. We could almost walk here if we really wanted to! Hopefully they'll have a great wine list! Maybe they're hiring a sommelier! =) -mJ

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      I would think they have to have a sommelier on site! The only thing is, I am always a little skeptical of large venues that can simultaneously hold a wedding reception AND run a restaurant (or two in this case) at the same time. We'll see, maybe they are all separate entities? Nevertheless, I welcome their arrival and am excited to give it a try! Also excited to try that Iris Pinot Noir you mentioned in your other post! Thanks! (Do they sell it at Boyd’s? Sort of doubt it. :)

      1. re: care11

        I hear you on running the kitchen in a multi venue location. It's going to be hard I'm sure.

        Go to CoolVines in Princeton at the corner of Nassua and Harrison Street for the Iris. It's incredible for the money....and don't get it confused with Iris Hill as this is a different producer. -mJ

        CoolVines Princeton
        344 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ