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Feb 28, 2009 04:29 AM

dry ginger

I am looking for dry ginger preferably in Brooklyn. I have tried the food coop. I'm not sure if it's a health food thing, or an Asian ingredient.

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  1. Is it an ingredient in something? Is it powdered? There is a middle eastern store on Atlantic street across from Sahadis that carrys ingredients I can't find elsewhere. And if it turns out to be health food, Traders Joes is nearby.

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    1. re: doughreme

      It is for my friend who had surgery recently and is very nauseus. She told me it is thin pieces of dried ginger. No sugar, no powder, you just chew it.

      1. re: foodforu

        Doesn't sound like health food. If you can't find it in Sahadis or the store across the street, you may have to go to one of the chinese neighborhoods. Good luck. Anyone else?

    2. Try Penzey's at Grand Central Terminal.
      I get mine at The Spice House (online or Chicago).

      While ginger is beneficial to health, the dried form is common in baked sweets (i.e. ginger snaps).

      You could also try a Chinese supermarket since one of the best varieties of dried ginger is the China #1.

      1. You can try any of the Asian food markets in Sunset Park. It's usually candied so you might find it in that aisle or near the tea. It's great for nausea, particularly from motion sickness.