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Feb 28, 2009 03:20 AM

Crosstown Kitchens $50 Prix fixe

Is anyone doing the Crosstown Kitchens event? There are some great restaurants signed up for this program (Amuse-Bouche, Harbord Room, Perigee, Torito)... but there are no menus posted and for some of the spots I'm wondering whether $50 is actually going to be much of a deal?

PS - I'm admittedly anti-Winterlicious and I'm wondering whether there's any reason to suppose this event will fare better? I'd love some reports/recommendations.

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  1. We had dinner at Vertical the other night and were very tempted by a lovely sounding prix fixe for the Stop for Food fundraiser. None of us ended up ordering it, but it consisted of beef cheek ravioli, a brodetto (a sort of stew) of seafood, and semifreddo for dessert. The food was excellent, the service was top-notch, and the dishes were copious.

    I'm sure you can't go wrong with the prix fixe there.

    1. Some of the menus for the event are posted on the website. I'm going to check out Alices tomorrow.

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        I had Alice's offering last week. The duck with foie gras sauce was amazing. So was the accompanying lentils with caramalized onions. I cleaned my plate. I wasn't as thrilled with the dessert, though.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. thought I'd give this thread a bump, has anyone tried any of the prix fixe menus? i'm thinking of going to one or two restaurants before the event ends at the end of the month.