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Feb 27, 2009 10:58 PM

Outside Toronto

we are visiting the Toronto area and will be spending one evening each in Toronto, Peterborough, Lindsay, Coburg and Belleville. We have many suggestions for Toronto but would appreciate advice for the other cities.

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  1. For Cobourg:
    Most popular place is -The Oasis
    for good pub food - The Cat & Fiddle
    for nothing fancy just real good food - The Buttermilk Cafe
    For just a little higher end - The North Side Grill

    All are within a one block area of downtown and all have stood the test of time, you shouldn't be disappointed with anyone of them

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    1. re: Lefty

      Thanks Lefty - that's Coburg - anything for Peterborough, Lindsay and Belleville?

      1. re: tonyjohnson54

        In Belleville, the not-to-be-missed Sweet Basil Café is an exceptional chef-operated restaurant that will dazzle you with classically prepared cuisine. Book ahead if you can as it only has 2 dozen seats.

        1. re: iamafoodie

          Why not go into the County instead of staying in Belleville? Harvest in Picton, for example?

        2. re: tonyjohnson54

          I'll give a hearty 2nd for Oasis. It's a pretty fun place. You can dine in the back or hang in the pub in the front and shoot oysters. Two rooms in one place with enough space between that you can feel the transition.

          Just a wee north of there in Gore's Landing on Rice Lake is also the fine Victoria Inn. Lovely room, upscale country cuisine. A great place for a date.

          For Peterborough rec's, you can look up Kawarthagirl on this website or you can go directly to hers. She has fantastic taste, so you can put your trust there.

          1. re: Googs

            Thanks for the kudos Googs!

            For Peterborough - I would recommend anyone on my site AND I would go beyond to recommend Splice - on George street... They do a wicked martini and small plates, for fun sharing...

            We really enjoy Cassis Bistro in Lakefield (excellent Steak Roquefort) so you could visit their Peterborough restaurant, Cassis 211 (on my site), which we haven't tried but have heard it's pretty good.

            If you like steak: Rare Grill - make reservations though. It's not big and it's pretty popular.

            38 Degrees changed hands last year and I haven't been since so I can't say how it's doing but it used to be considered mid-range... Not quite upscale but not totally casual either... It's on Water Street.

            Phew... :)

            1. re: kawarthagirl

              I have heard that the new 38 Degrees is excellent! Rave reviews from my friends who have been there! I haven't made the trip to Peterborough recently but it is on my list to get to 38 Degrees.

      2. For Italian in Belleville ....try Linguines

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        1. re: Lefty

          I was part of a party of 6 last night at Rare. Everyone loved their meals. We had the Caesar salad, Niagara prosciutto and the ribs to start. We sampled each one of the entrees. Same for the desserts. This place is a great find in the Kawartha's. This was our second visit and would definitely go back.

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