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Feb 27, 2009 08:54 PM

where are the photos?

I just posted a review of El Tabano with 4 photos attached. The review is there but no photos...

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  1. Last year I had this happen too. I'd say I can post photos about 75% of the time. If there's a programmer who wants to debug this, try uploading about 4 pics that are 1024x768, 150kb-250kb. Since it's random I wonder if it could be related to server load, because I think each time it's failed there was very slow response time. Interestingly it didn't lag in retrieving pages, just in posting a photo. I couldn't tell if it was just my connection but every page on chow slows for a while so maybe there's a resource hog in the script somewhere. I work with perl so this is just a guess based on observation. ;-)

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      See this thread about size limits for pix. It may help with some of the posting problems.

      1. re: hannaone

        I believe all my post failures were under 2 megs. I uploaded a lot of photos the same, and the failure seemed more to do with the particular day of my upload - one day it works another day it doesn't. Maybe it's trouble with the image downsizing routine. So I'm suggesting a programmer take a look at the impact of server load - for example a dropped connection or reset causing corrupt data. If photo uploads are failing in clusters at a certain time, that's definitely what it is. If not, then it's probably a bug in downsizing or other image processing.