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Feb 27, 2009 08:50 PM

stonehill dining company richmond

so ended up trying here for my birthday and thought they did a great job across the board. sat at the bar and the staff was nice but not intrusive. started with "the charlie" - a martini made with the firefly sweet tea vodka, finlandia mango vodka, grapefruit juice, and ginger ale. sweeter than i usually drink but not too sweet. they brought out bread - a "homemade" roll y hubby said was insanely dense and banana bread that was pretty good. i have warm bread thing though and it wasn't...
we split the house sampler app - jalapeno deviled eggs (good), hush puppies (very good), and BBQ shrimp (very good too). there should have been roma stuffed tomatoes too (with spiced beef) but they nicely subbed for us with more of the other because of our no meat on a friday in lent thing.
had a glass of villa pozzi nero d'avola. quite nice and different. then had the fish of the day (black grouper) with a zucchini pancake and bok choy. the grouper was lovely as was the pancake. there was a very little bit of drizzled sauce and frankly i think there could have been a bit more and the bok choy was a bit tough but all in all a really nice dish. hubby had the scallops with white corn puree, seafood fritter and shoestring fried sweet potatoes. good. microgreens added nothing. seriously i'm being picky here because i've watched too much top chef :) - really it was a good meal!
had chocolate creme brulee for dessert. also yummy!

and then to rare old times... love it! even better since it's a BIT less smokey these days.

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  1. to anyone who stumbles on this post it's actually stronghill dining company. i was discussing with a friend yesterday and she kept going "i think it's stronghill not stonehill". no idea why i want to keep calling it the wrong name. my apologies to the restaurant! :)

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      Thanks for the review AMFM. If memory serves, Dana Craig liked this place a lot. Glad you had a good birthday celebration there! Nero d'avola is one of my favorite wines. Mmmm.

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        We went there a few weeks ago and thought it was "okay". Will definitely give it another try but was not wowed by it. I wrote about it in my blog.

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          i didn't love the space so i actually was getting wary. but i may have been wearing rose colored glasses for my bday! :)
          i didn't know you had a blog janet...

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            so now i found and read it (will do so more often!) :) - while it wasn't my best dinner in richmond i would definitely give them another shot. i wouldn't say things were underseasoned. not every single thing was perfectly executed, but for the very reasonable price i thought there were some standouts. and definitely some touches (like eating the slaw under the shrimp with them even though it was an appetizer platter was fabulous - but it would have been easy to not do if you were sharing) of brilliance. also some things that need work. my black grouper was PERFECTLY cooked and really yummy (as was the zucchini pancake it was on) but it really needed more sauce in the drizzle. and as i write that i realize i complained about that somewhere else (DD33 i think) but in between i got a horrid dish at flemings because it was drowning in a sauce that should have been drizzled so really i don't just love too much sauce! :)
            and as a rule i am not a flavored creme brulee girl but a chocolate one was actually a dessert my picky husband would share with me and since it was my birthday i wanted dessert. it was really really good. i would have eaten the custard sans brulee. although that just made it even better.
            so hopefully they're getting their act together!