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Rib Ranch BBQ Recs

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I'll be at "Rib Ranch" tomorrow in Woodland Hills for the first time. What's the way to go?

Pork Ribs?
Beef Ribs?
Tri Tip?
BBQ Chicken?

Generally I don't eat ribs often so a preference between pig or cow is not part of the equation. I'm still cutting my teeth on good BBQ, and whether or not Rib Ranch actually has good BBQ I figure this place is as a good as any to start. It's local, and if anything it'll set the bar.

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  1. Rib Ranch is my fav Que place in the West Valley. I usually get a combo plate of baby backs and the bbq chicken. Tri tip is also very good, have yet to try the beef ribs.

    The sides are pretty solid as well; my favs are the garlic mashed potatoes and the beans.


    Rib Ranch Barbeque
    4923 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

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      Garlic mashed? Hmmm... I do like garlic mashed potatoes.

      I am wondering about the chicken. Generally I find BBQ chicken served too dry at most places I've been to.

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        Can you compare Rib Ranch to Wood Ranch on tri-tip? I had a piece at the WR in Agoura Hills recently, and it was nearly as tender as (and more flavorful than) the excellent oakwood-barbecued filet mignon at the Hitching Post. I always tell WR to go easy with their BBQ sauce -- they tend to overdo it especially on the ribs -- but that tri-tip was outstanding (requested and served medium-rare).

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          Re: the BBQ chicken, I always get dark meat as I feel that breast meat is too dry in general. Rib Ranch's dark meat (legs and thighs) are moist, tender, and flavorful.

          As for the tri-tip, its been a while since I've been to Wood Ranch but I would defnitely give them the edge over Rib Ranch. Rib Ranch's version is solid, and goes well on a sandwich, or by itself with some bbq sauce. Also, IIRC, Wood Ranch tri-tip was quite a bit pricier than Rib Ranch's.

          Garlic mashed is very tasty (although my current fav garlic mashed is at the Stonefire Grill chain!! ;-) ), and I really dig the beans, which have a nice smoky flavor.

          A combo meal with 2 choices of meat and 2 sides is about 18 bucks.

          Overall, I would never compare Rib Ranch with such renowned places as Phillips, Porky's, etc. (esp since I haven't yet had the pleasure of trying these places) but you could definitely do worse in this neck of the woods.