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Feb 27, 2009 07:39 PM

Using applesauce instead of butter

We are trying to cook healthier and are wondering how we can substitute applesauce (or something else) for butter. What is the ratio of applesauce to butter called for in the recipe? What are the results when using applesauce? Is the change significant? When is it worth making the change (dinners, desserts, muffins, brownies, etc) Any help is appreciated.


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    1. Yeah, please check the threads listed.
      As a general rule, you CANNOT substitute. It might be possible, but this depends a lot on where and for what and to what end, so not a simple question. If you are doing a baking/pastry recipe, ain't gonna work unless you re-engineer the recipe. Even though I am an occassional B&P professional, even I cannot do this, so be warned.
      You would be better off searching for web recipes or cookbooks that list this ingredient directly, rather than trying to convert and substitute.

      1. While you can use applesauce as a substitute, you really need to experiment with the particular recipe you are using.

        Sometimes it's a 5:3 (or 4:3) ratio.

        Sometimes, other things work better than applesauce. Try pureed bananas or even prunes.

        Whatever you do, I would not, and I repeat, not, subbing out all the butter and replacing it with applesauce (or some other ingredient). It just won't taste right and you'll regret it.