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Feb 27, 2009 06:53 PM

Terrible experience at Petite Soo Chow

We go to Petite Soo Chow often for the soup dumplings. Usually we just have a couple of orders of the soup dumplings. Tonight my wife and son ordered the General Tao chicken and I had the shredded pork with garlic sauce. The pork was excellent. But the General Taos was terrible --lots of fat in the chicken. I guess they did not properly prepare the chicken properly before cooking.

We spoke to the waitress whom we had never seen there before. She said we ordered the wrong item and suggested the "house chicken" because it had white meat. We told her we had ordered General Taos several times previously and it was always wonderful. It never had bits of fat previously. We told her to take both orders away because they were not up to there usual standards.

We were billed for both General Taos. We are a regular customers and I expected a better response. It was my fault ,I was tired of hearing my wife complain that I left without speaking to the "lead" lady.

Also, the soup dumplings did not have any soup in them.

Just want to let people know the quality is going down. Is there a place with excellent soup dumplings and Chinese food in the Cranford area.

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  1. one bad experience and you feel it's ok to make the claim that "the quality is going down?"

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      Usually we just have a couple of orders of the soup dumplings......


      Sorry, but I'm with Tommy on this one.......while it was wrong for them to bill you for the chicken you did not like......I find it more unreasonable for you to feel so slighted based on the details you provided on your experience. I do not know what your idea of a regular customer is....but usually ordering $10.00 worth of food at a dine-in restaurant, whether a regular or not, why complain here rather than simply crossing the place off your list. General Tso's Chicken is traditionally made with dark chicken meat and it has some fat. if you want to avoid this problem in the future, request white meat only......and expect to pay more for it.


      It was my fault ,I was tired of hearing my wife complain that I left without speaking to the "lead" lady.

      This response is more appropriate in my opinion. You never addressed your concerns properly to resolve the problem. To deem the quality has deteriorated is simply unfair.

    2. I have a problem with this on a few levels. First of all, this is a place to go to for more authentic Chinese food; better than most NYC Chinatown places. Ordering General Tso's Chicken defeats the purpose. That is an Americanized Chinese dish and truly a waste in a gem like Petite Soo Chow.

      Second of all, you admitted you didn't speak to someone in charge. If you are not satisfied in a restaurant, you need to voice your displeasure.

      Third of all, you say you are a regular and then base your "quality is going down" comment on one dining experience? That doesn't sit well with me. To comment on a places quality being in decline, at least base it on more than one visit. It is always possible to be at a place on an off night, when the regular chef is out, etc.

      I'd like to add it is very possible you did order the wrong dish. General Tso's Chicken is generally not the best pieces of chicken to begin with. It is more dark meat with a little more fat to them to begin with. Maybe you have oredered their house special chicken in the past. That is all white meat and outstanding.