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Feb 27, 2009 06:34 PM

Two reasons to love Lers Ros

There's been a lot of positive feedback about this newish Thai place in the Tenderloin, so I"ll keep my comments short:

#1: Wok flavor! More so than any other restaurant I've been to in a long time, Lers Ros's dishes taste intensely of wok flavor, that smokey savory deliciousness that's impossible to achieve except on a woke over intensely high heat.

#2: non-stereotypical Thai dishes. I know little about Thai food and haven't been to LR enough times to make an educated statement, but I do know that my husband refuses to eat at most Thai places because he can't find much on the menu that doesn't involve a sweet/sour base. But at LR he's fallen in love with the flavors of the entrails soup, which makes me happy because I don't have to reserve Thai for lunches on the sly anymore.

I hope this restaurant gets some business that they deserve. At $15, the price of two entrees, their minimum for delivery is low for the neighborhood and great to keep in mind for the upcoming rainy evenings.

Lers Ros Thai
730 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA

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  1. I work nearby (at the San Francisco Civic Center) and this has become my favorite lunch place. It's plain and simple; it has very little in the way of ambiance, and feels like it could be in a suburban shopping mall (except for the clientele). But the food! Wow. It strikes me as much more authentic than most other Thai places. I'm slowly working my way through the extensive menu, and plan to go for dinner as well.


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    1. re: Jake Dear

      Lers Ros is pretty spare, but to me it has more ambiance than a lot of other places in its price range in the area, particularly at night--the lighting is relatively tasteful.

      I agree about the wok char. Their rad nah made me feel like I'd never had it made properly before.

    2. I'm excited to try it, people say that Thai House Express and Lers Ros are the best Thai in the Tenderloin and I was disappointed with Thai House Express last night.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          I got pork and sausage with special gravy or something like that, and it was all right.

          Almost any Southeast Asian restaurant has some great dishes, the problem is that they all have a menu with 100 items with a lot of ones that aren't great, making it a crapshoot.

          The URL doesn't work, by the way.

          1. re: vulber

            It works for me -- it's a great thread for figuring out what to order there.

      1. One negative dish so far for me at Lers Ros Thai, and only one so far out of the six times I've been there. The salt and pepper rabbit. I went with my wife, mother and sister in law this time and we ordered around five dishes: papaya salad, fried rice (excellent), sea bass (good), salt and pepper rabbit, soup shrimp tong yum. Everything was prettty good. I have never ordered the rabbit or sea bass before, and probably would not order both again. The fish was good, but I'm partial to Cantonese style steamed fish...

        Onto the rabbit...deep fried rabbit chunks fried in oil with no batter. Problem was it was a over cooked, and dry, kind of like eating chicken jerky. Other than that, I'll make my usual twice a month stop to this place.

        I still think their fried rice dishes are top notch, and if we "can" make a comparison with Chinese fried rice, it is better than 80% of the fried rice dishes I had at a Chinese restaurant.

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        1. re: badbatzmaru

          I've had a couple of dishes I didn't love like a really strong shrimp/tamarind soup that I thought would be a stir fry.

          But the hits are so good (catfish salad with green apples and cashews was amazing), I don't really care.

        2. This place is absurdly good. And cheap. It's the only really, truly authentic Thai food I've had outside of Thailand, period. I mean that in terms of flavor, spice intensity and kindness of the staff. Land of a thousand smiles indeed.

          1. Arg.... so annoyed. Michael Bauer blogged about and it was swamped earlier this week. I don't know for sure this was direct cause/effect, but a month ago this place was a normal kind of busy. This week, on a weeknight, there were people waiting for tables and the food is starting to change. Mainly portion sizes are getting smaller. Pork rad nah was mostly pork and very little noodles. Clam dish came with 10 clams. Not happy. Hope lunch is still good...

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            1. re: felice

              Spikes from that sort of thing usually blow over within about three weeks.

              They could use some extra business.

              1. re: felice

                Interesting. I was there for dinner this week as well and noticed the food was a little off. The trout wasn't as cripy as I had before and the Pad Thai was too sweet and sticky. We went pretty early so there was no wait, but I did notice it was filling up pretty quickly.

                Lers Ros Thai
                730 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA

                1. re: Civil Bear

                  We walked in there around 7pm tonight (a Saturday night) and it was full capacity. Despite being a large party of 10, we still managed to snag a table after only waiting 20-30 or so minutes. Everything we ordered was good, if not great. Standout dishes include Pad See Eww with Chicken, stewed pork leg, roast duck, papaya salad, green curry with seafood, fried pork spare ribs and frog legs. Also ordered the stir fried chicken entrails, parts of which were good (heart & liver), but other parts were just too tough. Nonetheless, the place is nothing short of amazing. Definitely my favorite Thai food in the bay area.