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Feb 27, 2009 05:36 PM

Dim sum carts in Tokyo?

Does anyone know of any dim sum-serving restaurants in Tokyo with cart service? Or anyplace in Yokohama for that matter?

Speaking of dim sum, I recently went to two restaurants in Roppongi Hills with all-you-can-eat deals. I wasn't all that impressed by Hong Kong Tea House (Honkon Saro), but I thought Chinaroom was pretty good. Chinaroom charges Y4200 (plus 10% sc I think) for all the dim sum you can eat at lunchtime every day, with a wide selection and good quality. The crispy onion pancakes were great. And it's a nice dining room.

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  1. Hey Robb
    The only place I ever saw with carts was Hong Kong Garden in Nishi Azabu, it was tabehodai and I'm pretty sure it is closed now.
    Hope you can find something, it's really not dim sum without the carts, is it.

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    1. re: steamer

      Yea, the Hong Kong Garden is now a perfectly acceptable parking lot.

      1. re: steamer

        There was also Tokyo Daihanten, on Yasukuni-dori near Kabukicho, but they've stopped their dim sum lunch.

      2. Kowloon Tenshin on the 7th or 8th floor of shinjuku lumine has tabehodai, in the form of 1/2 chinese buffet and 1/2 dim sum carts (soups, buns, rolls, shumai, shorompo, dessert), all for one price.