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Feb 27, 2009 05:15 PM

Good online recipe storage sites?

Does this ever happen to you? I often find that when I'm out of town I want to make one of my favorite recipes, but without my cookbooks I can't. I have a lot of them typed up, but if I'm traveling without my laptop that doesn't help. So I was wondering, is there a good site where I can post them online so I can access them when I'm away? I'd like to be able to tag them with whatever labels, search by ingredient, and post recipes that aren't mine regardless of copyright. (Not to disrespect copyright, but I want to be able to get to my Payard souffle when I'm not home. If that means I can't share recipes, that's fine.) Anyone have any favorites? Thanks!

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  1. If you register on (free), you can store your selections from their collection in your own "recipe box".

    1. Great question. I suppose you could attach them to an e-mail to yourself, and then store that in a folder called "recipes." I have recipes that friends e-mailed me stored that way, and I would be able to find them when out of town.

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        This is how I do it. I use gmail and it's super easy. I archive everything, but I can see it all on one screen when I hit my recipes label.

      2. There is a shareware programme that lets you download a free trial. I have been thinking about it myself and will try it out. It is called "Now You're Cooking"

        1. Try, click on their tutorial bottom right.

          1. - downloaded as - love it
            i also keep mine in a file folder which I back up regularly