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Feb 27, 2009 04:35 PM

Tacos Lupita

I know this came up not so long ago, but I just went for the second time to Tacos Lupita in Somerivlle, again had the burrito al pastor (grilled pork), and again I'm still dreaming about it a day later. What is in that sauce (the red one, not the green one ) -- adobo? chipotle? I have almost no experience with Mexican food, and usually can take it or leave it (I'm an Indian/Thai kind of person), but boy, that burrito with sauce is something else!

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  1. Thank you for reminding me that I love Tacos Lupita! They have been off my radar for a year!

    1. Oh, man, I am ready for another burrito. And that sauce! Have a good time.

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        Yes, I have loved this place for years. I had an apt in Somerville for a few years that was pretty close and every time I came down during the week would have to eat there at least once.
        I like the Salvadoran influence on the food, it's not Tex-mex that for sure, and it's like homemade. Stand at the counter and watch the two ladies cooking everything fresh on the grill !
        Their cheese pupusas are probably the best I've ever had. The pickled cabbage and sauce for toppings are PERFECT.
        I'm in love with the huaraches too. If you've never heard of it, they are served and eaten flat, they are like fat homemade corn tortillas but a little thicker. Your choice of meat and topped with sauce, the white fresh cheese crumbles, onion, slices of tomatoes. They have all the right meats for me - tender shredded pork carnitas, beef carne asada, spiced pork al pastor, spicy chorizo sausage crumbles. I never bother with chicken here, you can get chicken burritos and tacos anywhere.

        Their 3 (mild and hot red and green) hot sauces are both fantastic. I can never choose and must have both. One of the red sauces does have a little smoky flavor like chipotle in adobo.

        I love their gorditas and soft corn shell little tacos. They do have nice burritos, I just prefer the other stuff so much more. Oh, and their homemade tamales are really good too.

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          Love the gorditas, especially when they make the tortilla to order. Brilliant! I always look to see if the press is open before ordering. Open, I get a gordita, closed I get a taco.

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            You know, I've never been a big fan of Tex-Mex. Which may be why I've fallen so hard for this place -- it is Salvadoran, and that's made the difference to me. I think I will branch out and try other stuff on the menu. With Tex-Mex, I don't bother -- I have to say it all tastes more or less the same to me, although many would say that's becuase I haven't been to a good restaurant, and they are probably correct. Nevertheless, I'm in love with Tacos Lupita. Thanks for all the menu tips, and sorry you're "starving in New Hampshire!"

        2. I've got a very special relationship with Tacos Lupita. I don't live in Mass anymore, but when I did I went there at least once a week for over 3 years. The red salsa (as the women working there refer to it as) is the best Mexican sauce I've had anywhere, bar none, even in Mexico. Always ask for more.

          Try everything on the menu. It's hard not to go for a burrito everytime, but every item on the menu is a winner. Chorizo tacos with two handmade tortillas are to die for. Wash it down with a bottle of Jarritos and save a quarter for some Mike and Ike's from the candy machine on the way out.

          1. I am exclusively a red sauce eater. I am afraid that I have no idea how it's made, but you're right - it's downright delicious.

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              Tastes like it's made with chile powder of some sort, and I agree Lupita's is outstanding, especially on the tacos al pastor.

              When I make Chimayo red sauce at home (if you haven't tried Chimayo chile, you should fix that), it's just (1) make a roux of butter and flour, (2) add chile powder, (3) add water to get it to the right consistency, (4) simmer for a few minutes. I think Lupita may add vinegar?

            2. Agree, burrito al pastor is my fav. I always get one when driving through Cambridge.

              Funny, I always go for the green sauce. I'm going to have to pay attention to the red next time...