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Feb 27, 2009 04:32 PM

Coconut candy craving!!!

Hi everyone!! Last week one of my co-workers brought in this bag of pastel colored sweetened young coconut meat that I have tried searching for.

The bag itself is very no frills, so I don't really have much to go on. My co-worker got this stuff from her manicurist, but they live somewhere in the Bronx and I am on the Bushwick/Ridgewood border.

This is the info that I could get off of the bag:

K Fat Inc.
"Sweetened Young Coconut Meat"
Mut Dua Non

If anyone knows where I can get this addicting sweet treat, I would be so appreciative. I am hoping to get to the Asian supermarkets in Elmhurst sometime within the next 2 weeks, but if anyone can ease the search, that would be great.


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