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Feb 27, 2009 04:07 PM

Suggestions for Pre-Ballet lunch/brunch ?

Help! Taking Mom to the ballet this Sunday and need suggestions for lunch or brunch nearby. Most places I've yelped are only open for dinner on Sundays. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

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  1. What places did you look at?

    How about Zuni or Hayes Street Grill? More lunch but they're open.

      1. re: Candice

        Absinthe is lovely, and they normally hold a few tables for walk-ins. Bar Jules may also fit the bill, but they don't take reservations.

        Absinthe Brasserie & Bar
        398 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

        Bar Jules
        609 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94102

        1. re: Candice

          I second the recommendation of Absinthe. I had brunch there last weekend and it was wonderful. We began with an order of crispy frites and another of grits to enjoy as appetizers with drinks, and I had a terrific Sazerac. My companions ordered a variety of good egg dishes, but I don't like dairy, and often find brunch a challenging meal. So, I was very glad to be able to order a delicious hamburger with good home fries on the side. Service was friendly and professional, and we never felt rushed.

          Absinthe Brasserie & Bar
          398 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

        2. Citizen Cake - right down the block!

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          1. re: lpfch

            Under no circumstances should you ever eat the pre-ballet buffet (or plated buffet meal food) served in the basement of War Memorial Opera House.

            While convenient, it's all sterno warmers... imagine if your Aunt Edna decided to get remarried and have a buffet lunch of salmon or chicken.