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Feb 27, 2009 03:45 PM

YouTube's 93 year old Clara..Great Depression Cooking

She is darling and is a HUGE hit on YouTube..
We can all learn from Clara..

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  1. OMG, I absolutely ADORE her! BeachChick, this is going to be so great watching these videos!

    I love the "generic" can of peas with the label removed and the word "Peas" written on the metal. <vbg>

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    1. re: LindaWhit

      Isn't she just the cutest..and I do love how she dices right into the pot..
      I never had a Grandmother so watching her makes me feel like I have one now!

      1. re: Beach Chick

        I love it too...I was worried she was going to cut her hand.

    2. Here videos are wonderful and so adorable. And the stories are perfect.

      I just watched her make the "Poorman's Feast" last night and though, "Dang, that looks 10x better than my dinner tonight" because it did.

      1. So heartwarming! What a treasure! It makes me miss my grandmothers so much. One of the youtube posters said her cutting and dicing straight into the pot reminded her of her grandmothers and I had thought the same thing. What sense memories. My grandmothers didn't make any of the recipes I've seen so far, but my Nan did make something we call tomato gravy. Not good for the arteries, but tastes great and brings back even better memories. You melt bacon grease and add flour to that and brown it up. S & P to taste. Add a can of diced tomatoes. Then add water until desired consistency. Serve over toast although I prefer mine untoasted. It's cheap and filling. I always have diced tomatoes on hand. If I don't have bacon grease, I have used butter, but it definitely tastes better with bacon grease.

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        1. re: mdfifi

          I watched several of the videos last night, mdfifi, and thought the *exact* same thing - no cutting boards except when cutting up the hot dogs for the Poorman's Meal. She "diced" the potatoes and onions directly into the pot. :-)

          And it seems BeachChick might have seen her on GMA on 2/27 - cohosted by Emeril Lagasse that day, and he watched her videos and tried out several of her meals, including the Poorman's Meal - he liked it! :-) (That's the one that I'm thinking I'd like to try out of what I've watched so far, maybe using Italian sweet sausage).

          1. re: LindaWhit

            Linda, I love the idea of the sweet italian sausage, but I have to admit a Nathan's hot dog in the mix doesn't sound bad! :). I saw the GMA piece yesterday, and that's how I found out about Clara.

            1. re: mdfifi

              This brought tears to my eyes, thinking of my grandma cooking in the kitchen... thanks for sharing.

          2. re: mdfifi

            My gram used to make tomato gravy, too - and she served it over anything - toast, biscuits, mashed potatoes. Yummy and filling.

          3. My grandmother and my mom used "dice direct" and I still don't understand why they had their whole hands when they died! I "heart" Clara. Reminds a bit of MFK Fisher's "How to Cook to a Wolf" and "How to Keep the Wolf From the Door."

            1. This gives me hope for YouTube in general, and instructional videos in particular. I was completely scandalized that Clara added oil to a pot AFTER the potatoes and onions. You can DO that? (I have led a sheltered life, obviously.)