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Feb 27, 2009 03:30 PM

Chinese in Jacksonville?? Dissapointed so far. :(

My husband and I recently moved to Jacksonville and live near the Town Center. We are looking for a yummy Chinese take-out place and have been very dissapointed with two nearby places so far. PLEASE recommend one within a 5-10 minutes drive!!

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  1. Jacksonville is a tough city for dining, there are a few gems here and there but it's always a search. The only chinese take out that I can recommend is hop-shing in Atlantic Beach. I'm not too familiar with carry out in the town center area but I'm sure there is something decent out there.

    1. Panda House at 7643 Gate Pkwy, 32256. 904-642-6333. Take out or delivery.

      I work in the area and alot of coworker go here as well. Pretty good takeout.