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Feb 27, 2009 03:09 PM

Your favorite smoothie recipe, please

I've always been a smoothie fan, and would like to get into the habit of making my own. I have frozen mixed berries (what about when berries are in season? better to use fresh or frozen?), bananas, whey protein powder, non-fat greek yogurt, skim milk, and OJ. What are some good variations with these ingredients and what else is good in smoothies? What's a good proportion of fruit to ice to liquid etc? I'll be making either one or two servings at a time. Any recipes, techniques, and tips would be appreciated! Thanks!!!

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Ooops. Thanks a lot for those links. I did do a search but must have done something wrong because none of those came up.

    2. this is the smoothie that i make everyday for my 14 month old daughter and me. i think it is tasty, but i guess i am just trying to pack in as much nutrition first thing in the day so we can be more adventurous for later meals ;) i have never really measured anything, so this is approximate. I use frozen fruits and veggies for convenience...

      3/4-1 cup organic Kefir
      2 T. ground flaxseed
      1 banana
      1/2-3/4 cup frozen wild blueberries
      1/2 cup frozen spinach
      handful of organic frozen strawberries
      1/2 t. ground cinnamon
      1/4 t. ground turmeric
      1/8 t. ground ginger
      1/2 cup pomegranate juice

      sometimes i throw in cherries, mango, a spoonful of canned pumpkin... i never add in ice. depending on liquid to solid ratio, i may have to blend for a while or add in a touch more juice to get a pourable consistency, but it always works out.

      any ideas to make it more nutritious are welcome. knock on wood, but the only time my daughter has been sick was after a vaccination and I like to think that her breakfast builds up her immunity. I haven't been sick all winter either...

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      1. re: akp

        akp, a couple of thoughts to boost nutrition:

        - add a scoop of whey, rice, egg, or pea protein powder
        - add a tablespoon of nut or seed butter
        - don't use pre-ground flaxseed (ever) - buy whole seeds, and grind in a spice mill or coffee grinder just before using
        - try occasionally using chia seeds or wheat germ instead of the flax
        - oat bran or rolled oats will also add fiber & body/creaminess to it
        - vary the juices you use - try acai, mangosteen, cranberry, blueberry or cherry

        the key is not to fall into a rut using the same ingredients all the time. you get the biggest nutritional bang for your buck when you change it up, as it allows you to take advantage of the various nutrients & benefits in different foods.

        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          ooh - thanks so much for your tips! i have wheat germ on hand to sprinkle on stuff and I had never thought of oats in a smoothie... I sometimes do the acai frozen packets you can get at whole foods... and the other thing I sometimes do is the wheatgrass cubes. i'll try to start switching it up a bit.

          any other ideas on the spices?

          also - i just checked out your profile. i love tea too - i typically sip it throughout the day. what are your favorites?

          1. re: akp

            the spices sort of hinge on the flavors you've already got in there - occasionally vanilla extract is a nice addition (though i wouldn't combine it with something like turmeric...), and i love carob, so i'll sometimes add a little carob powder to give it a chocolaty flavor - again it depends on what else is in there.

            re: tea, i'm all over the map...
            for green, i default to matcha and genmaicha.
            my favorite white is silver needle.
            black is English breakfast or Assam.
            i'm not a big fan of fruity teas, and both chamomile & Earl Grey make me gag.
            as far as flavors go, i love jasmine, lemongrass, ginger, chai spice & mint.

      2. I never use ice, only frozen berries and frozen chunks of banana then a juice (always enjoy a papaya juice). Bananas are always a base, then whatever flavor add the other berries then juice.

        1. I usually just do oj and frozen berries (a mix of strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries). Pour the oj in the blender, add berries until they start piling on top of the liquid. Sometimes I throw in half a banana, a dollop of yogurt, some other juices (apple, acai, pomegranate), or even a pinch of jasmine green tea leaves, but usually I keep it simple. As for fresh berries, a) I wouldn't waste a good fresh strawberry on a smoothie and b) you need them frozen for texture, otherwise you just get fruit juice, not a smoothie. You can freeze good fresh berries and use them if you'd want, but I'd probably just eat them.

          1. apple juice, banana, plain yogurt, frozen fruit. Usually strawberries. I have gone crazy on cheap mangoes before, and then pureed and froze them before they went bad. I used ice cube trays, and half mango half strawberry is the best.