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Feb 27, 2009 03:04 PM

Wagyu Steak Dinners in Brisbane?

Anyone know a restaurant where you can get good wagyu steak meals please??

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  1. Cha Cha Char on the waterfront.

    Brekky Creek hotel (famous steak pub) has some wagyu.

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    1. Also Kingsleys steakhouse further around from ChaChaChar. On the river with a lovely view, so walking there is nice too, especially at night Had a great wagyu there for $55 ish. And though like Cha Cha Char its full of suits, the service was much less standoffish. (remember to order sides)

      If you wanted to try a bustling pub(tavern) I can recommend 'The Normandy Hotel' just on the outskirts of the CBD, and also ditto Breakfast Creek Wharf Hotel. Many good steaks to be had there. Also 'the pineapple' Out of town to the west I can recommend the Samford Hotel, but its more of a day trip idea.

      Many restaurants will have it on the menu too, if you dont want to go 'steakhouse',just call.


      You will also find Wagyu on the menu at many Japanese restaurants

      1. Maybe even check eçco bistro. They used to serve wagyu there regularly as a special when I worked there but that was a while ago so check first. I saw on their site that they are doing a wagyu carpaccio as entree...