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Feb 27, 2009 02:19 PM

Diners and Dives - markham /RH preferred

May have been watching too much of 'Guy' from 'Diners and Dives' on Food Network.

But got me thinking - what is a good diner and dive restaurant in TO where you can get meatloaf, corned beef hash or pot roast? Looking for both comforting food and ambience and I don't mean the fine dining kind.

If possible, markham and richmond hill recommendations preferred. pls provide name, location and your favourite comfort food dish. Thanks, everyone.

By the way, I once tried the flying saucer restaurant in Niagara Falls and found it to be simply a 'dive'. Very disappointing.

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  1. I have also thought about this exactly after watching diners, drive in and dives .. so any suggestions for downtown would be great too

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      Check out Gale's Snack Bar on Eastern Ave, on this board. Home-style food with prices from the nineteen- fifties!

    2. I love that show too and I am curious to the answer to your question. I live in Markham so I eagerly await some replies as well.

      1. Richmond Hill offers the venerable "3 Coins" on Yonge; parking out back, or on the street if you're lucky. Only open until early afternoon, though. Great breakfast with honest-to-God home fries, and a real diner ambiance.

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        1. There is a legendary place in Oshawa called Teddy's (sorry, a bit out of the desired zone). Truly diner style - mashed potatoes served with an ice-cream scoop kind of place. No alcohol still as far as I know. My favourtie is the club sandwich with real shaved turkey - hubby likes the veal parma with spaghetti. The fries aren't the best - that would be my only complaint. Wait can be long to get in, but they have signs along the way telling you what to expect. Once you are in, service is quick.

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            That reminds me. There's Ted's Restaurant at 404 Old Kingston Road in Scarborough. This place is genuine old-school and the food is excellent.

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              any idea on the hours of this place?

              1. re: hungryabbey

                They open very early for breakfast and they close usually at 7.

          2. There are a few places in Markham/Gormley/Stouffville that I would VERY highly recommend.
            #1 is Famous Sam's Restaurant at the North East corner of Stouffville Sideroad and Woodbine Avenue (seconds from the 404). Excellent everything! Cheeseburgers, Bacon & Eggs, FRENCH TOAST!, Souvlaki, and hot roast beef with mashed.

            #2 is the T&T Bakery just north of the corner of Hwy #7 and Markham Road on the East Side (Green Sign). Breakfast, any of their "never ending list" of fresh baked that day pasteries, cakes, cookies, and quiche.

            #3 is The Milliken Restaurant at the North East corner of Birchmount Road and 14th Avenue. (Check for open times). Amazing down home breakfast!

            I'm a huge Tripple "D" fan as well!

            I've been to a few of the places Guy visited. (be sure to check out Joe's Gizzard City and the Tripple "D" Burger, I ate it!)

            Famous Sams Restaurant
            12275 Woodbine Ave S, Gormley, ON L0H1G0, CA

            Milliken Restaurant
            7725 Birchmount Rd, Markham, ON L3R9X3, CA

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              I second T & T Bakery. I love their perogies and philly cheese steak provided when they are featured as the special.